Thursday, March 31, 2011

An impassioned plea: Please DON'T read Tripp Stryker's script!

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Hi gang. I sort of hesitate to even post about this because I'm aware that the mere act of doing so is only going to draw attention to the problem. Hopefully, I can appeal to your better nature.

Earlier today, Tripp Stryker had a little trouble with modern technlogy and accidently send some script pages into the internet, via a misdirected Tweet from his Twitter account. Already I've gotten some static back from a few people who have seen these pages posted elsewhere. Some are taking shots at Tripp's writing, while others take offense to the very nature of the project itself.

It's not my place to speak about the project Tripp is connected to, and so I won't. I have been led to believe that it wasn't supposed to be announced yet, so I feel bad that he's suffering such embarrassment, even if it was his own doing. He has some producers he'll have to answer to, and I'm sure he'll make those amends in a timely fashion.

As regular readers know, I have a pretty consistent position on the distribution of scripts that are still in the development process. John August told us a while back that it was a dangerous process - both for the writers who find their early drafts reviewed and for those who take part in it.

Obviously I can't stop you guys from trading the script, and I can see how you might consider it a victimless crime. But I'm asking you as a favor to me, don't read Tripp's leaked pages. Don't Google them, don't post them... and please don't send me angry emails about how much you think his script sucks.

Enjoy the weekend, all.


  1. You sure Roy's dead?

    I'm still trying to find "April Fools!" hidden in the last blank page somewhere.

  2. Seeing how I don't know who this Tripp person is I'm just going to treat this the way I do Lemon Party and 2 Girls, One Cup, ignore it unless it becomes a meme and then go to Wikipedia to look up the description.

  3. Tripp Stryker.

    Is this the same guy who wanted to cut the legs off all other screenwriters and get rid of the competition so he could glow in the sunshine of spec success?

    Talk about feathered fiends coming home to roost... I could crow, but I won't. I mean I'll try not to. I I


  4. I don't understand why my comment keeps disappearing when all I'm trying to do is link to this

  5. Look, in case I get deleted again, you can always just go to this update of Tripp's to find where he put his script.

  6. "SHARK MAW 3D?"

    This has got to be an April Ghoul's Joke.

  7. Quite an elaborate April Fool's joke you guys have set up. The Fake Bobby Jake account is a nice touch.

  8. Are they hot? Or just "local hot"?