Sunday, April 26, 2009

Apparently John August and I are on the same wavelength

I found this post from John August amusing considering I gave very similar advice recently in this post. I think he also makes some good points that I didn't touch on.

"Something I try to remind myself when writing epic-themed stories — which is a lot, recently — is that my hero doesn’t have to fix The Big World Problem by the time the end credits roll. Rather, he just needs to achieve the small, specific goal I’ve set out for him. He only has to destroy the Death Star...You don’t get to make a trilogy unless the first one works. So make the first one at human scale."

Dare I say that great minds think alike? The comments on that entry are worth reading too.

Sorry the posting has been slightly sparcer lately. I'm working on a rewrite of one of my scripts. I'll try to pick up the slack this week.

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