Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: Interview questions

Let's just say I was going to interview a working TV writer/creator this coming week.  What sort of general questions about TV writing would you folks be interested in knowing?


  1. Having studied and become comfortable in feature length writing, I'm interested in the differences between that and television scripts.

    Are there differences in format?

    Are there differences in nuance or expectation?

  2. I could take up your whole page with all of the questions I'd like answers to re: this topic. But I will try to choose just one. As a new writer what is the most important piece of advice the writer/creator would give about 1) pitching your original ideas to reps/producers/studios/networks and 2) interviewing for a position on a writing staff.

  3. What does he considers most important "thing" in his creative process.

  4. I would like to know what they did before getting the job. Did they do the old, ridiculous Hollywood standard of working for free or as a PA for 12 hours a day, or did their writing speak for itself and get them meetings?

  5. What to write in order to get noticed and who to send my writing to?
    Should I write a pilot or a spec, and if a spec does it matter to which show? comedy/drama/crime/sci-fi?
    Considering that I am an aspiring writer that would kill (or maim) for ANY type of writing job.