Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Black List 3.0 gets two more writers signed!

Looks like the signing of Justin Kremer was just the beginning. Deadline is reporting that two more writers have gotten representation after having put their scripts on the Black List 3.0's script hosting site.

Bob Ingraham has signed with Benderspink on the strength of his submission POSSUM, with a logline that reads, "When a vulnerable, autistic man is used thieves to commit a heist, it turns out he has remarkably valuable skills."  The Black List reader raved about it, saying, "POSSUM is a clever and thrilling heist film with interesting characters. With the great action and emotional relationships, it could find success across all four quadrants if ever produced."

The script was a Semifinalist in Nicholl and Chesterfield competitions, and a Project Greenlight Top 100 script.  Deadline says the script is being prepped to go out under a new title.

Also, Richard Cordiner has signed with Verve and Kaplan/Perrone after they responded positively to his script THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING.  The script is a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Jaws, with a logline that reads, "When his big break finally arrives, an idealistic young movie director, Steve Spielberg, comes up against the one star he cannot control: a recalcitrant 25-foot model shark."

I have to admit, this one tickles me a bit because I've been saying for years that there's a great movie to be made about the turmoil that was Jaws's production.  Oh well, perhaps I'll have to write about the odyessy that was the making of Jaws: The Revenge instead.

Congrats to both gentlemen!  Let's hope this is the first of many more signings.


  1. Let me tell you about POSSUM. I read this script many years ago, and it was great. So first, kudos to Bob (who is not some newbie off the turnip truck, he's had previous reps) for perservering and not giving up. And second, this confirms the old adage that it only takes one yes, one champion. Or as I am fond of saying, each no is one step closer to a yes.

    1. Not sure about the math here.
      The fact that he's had other reps would suggest that it takes more than one yes.

    2. Should have added -- it's good to hear Blacklist 3.0 is helping. Congratulations go to the writers.

      And to Bitter for the good news.

  2. Glad to see the new black list making an impact. Definitely going to keep following along to see if they keep it up.