Friday, July 18, 2014

Future Filmmaker Friday - "Forgot My Pants" from the College of New Jersey, via Campus MovieFest

Last week I presented you with a heavy drama from Campus MovieFest.  Now for something completely different...

If there had been an audience award at the Campus MovieFest Hollywood Awards Gala, this selection from "The Best Team" at The College of New Jersey would have surely taken top prize.  At one point during the ceremony, we were treated to a montage that featured a few moments from each of the Top 30 Films.  When "Forgot My Pants" came up, it seemed as if most of the crowd was spontaneously singing along with the tune.

It's utterly silly, but you can't deny the tune is catchy.  The committment to the joke for nearly a full three minutes somehow makes it even funnier.  These guys definitely have a sensibility that reminds me of The Lonely Island.  It's the perfect ridiculous way to start your weekend.

CMF is a wonderful program that goes to college campuses throughout the year and provides students with Apple laptops and Panasonic HD cameras to make short film within one week. Each school then has their own finale to select the best of the best, which then move on to the Grand Finale in Hollywood. Each week I'm going to spotlight another student film that impressed me.

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