Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get $50 off a badge for the Austin Film Festival!

I got an offer this week from the Austin Film Festival and Screenwriters Conference, which this year will be going on from October 29-Novemeber 5, and they have already confirmed panelists such as Norman Lear, Shane Black, Jack Burditt, David Wain, Kelly Marcel and Terry Rossio. Their website has a full list of panelists: http://www.austinfilmfestival.com/festivalandconference/conference/2015-panelists/

The Austin Film Festival has reached out to me as their early badge price deadline is fast approaches on June 15th! $300 for a Conference Badge that is normally $350 early and $400 regular. This sale ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 14th.

Get your badge here: http://www.austinfilmfestival.com/shop/badges/#bitterscriptreader

Use the Discount Code: CON300

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