Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Free-for-All: Friday the 13th

This is probably one of the most obvious Friday Free-for-Alls I've ever done, but given today's date, it seemed appropriate to pay homage to one of the more prolific horror/slasher franchises, Friday the 13th. It's actually a little weird to be writing this tribute because I've seen very few of the Jason movies. My viewing is limited to Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason, and the Michael Bay-produced remake that came out earlier this year.

Because of that, I have very little knowledge about any classic kills, or other major moments from earlier in the franchise. Plus, even if I could find many of them on YouTube, excessive gore seems a little violent for this blog, so today, I'll just stick to posting humor.

Here's Jason making an appearance on The Arsenio Hall show:

Jason busts a move:


  1. I like when he zipped that girl up in her sleeping bag and swung her into a tree until she died.

  2. You mean the classic kill in part 7 --- yes! I know way too much about all the films... like take this fun tidbit.

    Friday the 13th part 2 -- is Friday
    part 3 -- is Saturday
    part 4 -- is Sunday

    They keep picking up from where the last one left off, so it's actually not friday...