Friday, October 26, 2012

I will read your script on the Black List

Okay, I'm about to propose an experiment - and like some experiments there's a chance this could fail.

Several of you have scripts up on the Black List and as we've seen, it can help a script immensely if it gets a positive review.  The problem is that it's hard to get people to notice your script before a paid review is complete.  Also, there's no guarantee that the paid review will be a positive one.  However, in clairfying the way the review metric works, Franklin Leonard revealed something very interesting over at Done Deal Pro:

"Any script that gets a particularly high rating from any individual reviewer can expect that script to get spotlighted to our industry professional members. Practically, if you write a script that gets a 1 from one reader and a 9 from another reader, that script will still be included as part of our email spotlighting recent scripts that got a strong review. Presumably people who are interested in your genre and logline will download it, read it, and rate it, which will then result in your overall rating changing over time based on those members thoughts on your script."

In practical terms, this means the paid reader could HATE your script, but if someone else really likes it, you could still get an endorsement.  So here's my offer to you....

I will read the first ten pages of ANY script linked to in the comment of this post.  If I think the script has promise beyond those ten pages, I will continue reading until I feel my interest wane.  This means that if I get to the end, presumably I'll have a positive impression of your script and I will rate it as such.

The conditions:

1) the link to your script's page on the Black List MUST be in the comments.  Do not email me. Do not Tweet me.  I will ONLY read scripts publicly pointed out here.  Feel free to include a logline or any other information.

2) I will offer no comments on any of the scripts I didn't complete.  Don't ask me what you did wrong. Don't ask me for feedback.  I doubt I'll have time to respond to everyone, and so to be fair, I will respond to no one.

3) I will be holding all scripts to the same standards as the material I read for my job.  There's no such thing as "good for an amateur" on this scale.  Scripts will be judged according to how they measure up to professional submissions.

4) This offer is good until noon on Tuesday, October 30.  If I get a huge response, it's going to take some time for me to work through these scripts.  I'll do my best to be prompt, but know that it could take a week or more if a lot of you submit.

5) If I really like your script I will spotlight it in a post on my blog, but know that it would probably have to rate a 9 or a 10 for me to do that.

Other readers and industry pros with Black List access, I encourage you to join in the fun and check out some of these submissions.  Let's see if we can help someone get discovered!

Addendum: Okay, seeing how I got about 8 submissions in a half-hour, I think I'll need to moderate expectations.  I'll promise to make the first 25 submissions a priority.  Anything that comes in after that, I'll make an effort, but know that they'll probably be a lesser priority unless a logline really catches my eye.


  1. Thanks for doing this. Here's my comedy script, "The Derivative of Death"!

    Logline: A university professor goes on a kung fu rampage through Chinatown in search of answers when his wife is murdered by a mysterious Chinese food delivery man.

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this! Hope you'll like my script.

    Title: A Spy and His Son
    Genre: Thriller, Action
    Logline: Frank Canter, a veteran CIA agent, finds himself in a violent personal war with his estranged son Harry, who has turned into a dangerous mercenary with a mysterious agenda. As his son becomes a threat to national security, Frank must find out what Harry is after and stop him before it's too late.


  3. Very cool. Love that your doing this.

    Mine's called Mickey From Hollywood: "A recent high school graduate kidnaps and kills his gentle but alcoholic father's deadbeat writing agent, prompting a voyeuristic single mother to investigate."

  4. *you're. Good first impression, Jesse.

  5. Seriously? That's amazing. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for this awesome experiment!



    It is 1951. Junior Senator Joe McCarthy feels lost. He's anonymous, just another suit on Capitol Hill. He craves attention and celebrity. He's desperate to be noticed, to be adored. Inspired by the response of the American public to the House of Un-American Activities Committee, McCarthy decides that communism will be his defining issue. What follows is nearly unthinkable -- national fame, a shocking conspiracy, a sitting President afraid to oppose him, and a torrid journey of self destruction and paranoia.

    1. I would love to read this, just to see how you executed it.

  8. Cool, here's a action script with a small element of scifi.

    Thanks BSR

  9. I wanted Brooklyn Weaver to read it, but you'll have to do =)


    TITLE: Down With the Dead Men

    LOG LINE: A vengeful war veteran and ambitious young preacher struggle to work together as they race to capture America's first-ever serial killers.

    Based on actual American events, DEAD MEN unearths our nation's first known serial murderers, unveiling a story brimming with adventure and atrocity.

    An unpredictable thriller, DEAD MEN traces America's bloodlust back to its infancy, when rogues and rejects of an expanding federal government called Kentucky "the West."

    The aftermath of our Revolution gave birth to America's first serial killers. The hunt to stop them delivered a war on terror our country never imagined.

    Every page takes you deeper. Enjoy. And thanks for reading.

  11. Thank you for this offer!

  12. The Stricken

    2012 Nicholl Semifinalist



    A lifelong bachelor accidently proposes to his clingy girlfriend and then has to trick her into dumping him.

  14. Neat. I'll give it a try!

    Thank you!

  15. Thanks, Bitter.


    BLEEDING KANSAS - The true story of a family of serial killers, the Bloody Benders, who operated in Kansas during the height of the American Wild West.

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  17. Hey BSR,
    As you might remember, I already have one rating on the BL but I would love to get your opinion. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Title: Bad News
    Longline: An ambitious young reporter, desperate for a byline in the New York Times, gets caught up in the strange world of an enigmatic media hoaxer. Inspired by a true story.

  18. This is a fantastic experiment. I hope that you post a recap later on. One thing I'm watching with the new blacklist is whether just submitting at the $25/month will get you read, or if in all reality you need to pony up the extra $50 for even one read to get a rating that will then feed back to increase reads.

    I've got two scripts up, so I'll leave just CATHEDRAL linked here, and then use it for comparison. (I realize it's a bit apples to oranges with two different scripts, but I'm not in a place to put up the same script with two different names and the same logline to make it truly scientific.)

  19. Cheers, my script is at

    Genre: Horror/Disaster

    Logline: A psychopath and an autistic women try to get out of London while everyone else is killing each other.

    I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you, Jeannette Tucker

  20. Thanks so much for the offer! Hope you enjoy...

    -Joey Ernand


    Logline: Two ex-lovers who once traveled the world together hunting monsters must put their differences aside in order to face a Dark God they accidentally unleashed years before.

  21. Thanks for this as it seems hard to get reads on the site:


    Logline: When a homicide detective refuses to close an investigation into a random shooting, he uncovers a conspiracy behind it greater than he could possibly imagine: the switching of minds.

  22. I really, really appreciate this.

    The life and crimes of Colonel Blood

    The life and crimes of Colonel Blood tells the true story of the Irish rebel who, when unjustly stripped of his lands, sets out for revenge, a crusade which will culminate in the most daring robbery of all time, that of the theft of the Crown Jewels of England.

  23. I know of a script that was a PAGE awards finalist (which I read and thought was very good) that received a score of 3. I believe the writer has taken it down, but I'll send him a link to this post and see if he'll put it back up.

  24. Interested to see what you think, thanks for the offer.

  25. Thanks for the generosity.

    Here's link to my script, DANGER SOCIETY:

    Logline: After a studious teen's hyper-overprotective mother forbids her from attending college, she retaliates by joining an underground society of rebellious misfits.

    Happy reading!

  26. Would love to see your thoughts as my Nicholl semifinalist got tagged with a 3 which seemed a little harsh:

  27. Thanks for doing this!




  29. wow - Thank you so much!

    Go Tigers
    The true-story of a Texas homecoming football game that was canceled after Kennedy's assassination. The epic rivalry between the El Paso Tigers and the Austin Panthers was finally put to rest when the two teams decided to play the game 20 years later.

  30. My script Broken (2012 Nicholl top 10%)

    LOGLINE: A young man's fragile existence shatters when he's forced to care for the brother that abused him as a child, hurtling the damaged siblings toward reconciliation... or ruin.

    One review on the Black List, receiving a score of 9.

  31. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Title: After the Movie Ends

    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    Logline: Best friends Addie Cooper, the hopeless romantic and Kendall Taylor, the pessimist, experiment with the expectations of love and relationships that are portrayed in romantic comedies, while discovering the harsh reality of what happens after the movie ends.

    -April Austin

  32. Thanks in advance.
    Still waiting on rating from The Black List reader.

    Logline: A soul-sick and war-weary knight home from the Crusade is forced to fight again as he leads his comrades and a motley band of refugees in a battle for survival against an army of the undead.



    A lost cache of Nazi gold could save the crumbling hometown of a failed actor. But the key to the treasure, an antique shaving mug, is also the key to his doom. He must outwit, battle and defeat weird and dangerous Nazi sympathizers who have skulked into town searching for him and the treasure.


    action/comedy, horror

    Meg, a sweet pushover, must fight her way to the preeminent convention for survivors of the apocalypse; with the help of her friends (and bacon and Twitter), she conquers zombies, assholes, and her own insecurities as she learns to stand up for herself.

    Thanks! :)


    FAKE ID (comedy)
    Logline: Three high-school misfits buy fake IDs to have the night of their lives before one of them ships off to the military. But one ID belongs to a wanted felon, and before the night is over, they’ll have to outrun the felon, the police, competing drug lords and most of all, their parents.

    Thanks so much!


    THE DEVIL TAKES A HOLIDAY (comedy/fantasy)

    Logline: After thousands of years of running Hell, the Devil needs a vacation. While Lucifer creates mischief up on Earth, the other demons plot to start the final war against humanity. Humanity’s only hope rests on a lovesick demon who agrees to track down Lucifer in exchange for becoming human. But can he find Lucifer and bring him back before all Hell breaks loose?



    Genre: Thriller, Drama, Suspense

    Logline: A homeless man is suddenly given the opportunity to take over the life of a wealthy businessman. Will his new life be worth the deadly price?

    1. I thought I would add a question I've been using during pitch sessions:

      If you were desperate and living in poverty would you take an offer to become somebody else with money?

      Thanks for letting me post here, Bitter.


    Genre: Action/Sci-Fi

    It's a different take on time-travel movies. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

    This is the same screenplay that I sent to Scriptshadow's Amateur Friday.

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  39. I finally posted my script just to take advantage of this... it's very kind of you, and hopefully you enjoy! Thank you!

    ELECTROPOLIS: When her younger sister disappears at a massive dance festival in the California desert, a young woman ventures into the colorful world of electronic music to find her, battling an army of thugs who work for a sadistic drug lord.



    A humiliating marriage proposal sends a man's life spiraling out of control but when this former sports mascot learns the prize in the upcoming Mascot Olympics could change his life he decides to come out of retirement for one last shot at glory and redemption.

  41. Very cool, thanks for the opportunity! Really enjoy your blog. And hope you enjoy the first ten (and maybe more) of my thriller...

    A computer genius uncovers his wife's hidden life and must outwit the secret international society that killed her to prevent them from deciphering a code that could unleash the power of the first sentient AI on the world.

  42. Thank you!

    Previous Nicholl's finalist
    Previous AFF finalist

  43. Thank ou for the read!

    Title: Sadie Hawkins
    Genre: Comedy/Romance/Coming Of Age
    Logline: Sadie Hawkins is a weeklong tale of an unpopular high school senior who is thrust into the lime-light when the popular senior girl asks him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance instead of her jock boyfriend.


  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Very cool. Thank you.

    Title: Other Mother
    Genre: Biopic/ Modern Epic / Coming of Age

    Logline: When a headstrong British teenager volunteers in a Romanian orphanage, her unlikely decision to rescue one child invokes the wrath of an entire community.


  46. I came in too late to make your Top 25 cutoff but thought I'd throw my script into the mix just the same. For what's it's worth, yours is one of three or four screenwriting blogs I've consistently enjoyed over the years.

    I suspect I'm coming from a different reality than most of your regular readers. I'm significantly older, a novelist and comics writer, and not looking to move to Hollywood to launch a screenwriting career. A harder road, no doubt, but I've always tried to follow my passions.

    DEAD CORPS (based on the DC Comics miniseries)

    Logline: An assassinated cop, reanimated as a transmortem -- a social underclass -- fights bigotry from the living while trying to stop his killers from murdering him again.

  47. I know I'm late to the party but thought I'd try with my script TOO SMALL TO SAVE which is a modern look at the American Dream.


    Logline: Desperately fighting to keep his family’s home out of foreclosure in recession-stricken Las Vegas, a Czech immigrant works cleaning out other foreclosed homes; but when his work truck is unexpectedly towed and his family’s future threatened, he must find a way to continue working before he loses his job, his home, and his belief in the American Dream.

  48. Since posting request for a read here, number of impressions at The Black List site has soared -- relatively speaking.

    The power of Zuul.


  49. I know I'm too late for the Top 25, but your post inspired me to sign up and see how it goes. Here's the logline and link:

    THE (WEDDING) SPEECHWRITER (Romantic Comedy): After she quits working for a secretly-bigoted politician, a talented yet introverted young speechwriter begins helping everyday people write wedding speeches, but just as she’s falling for one of her clients, she discovers he’s the Best Man of her ex-boyfriend.

    Thanks for the blog, by the way. Great info and resources here.

  50. THE PACT

    Three best friends make a pact 12 years ago, but one friend does not want to honor the pact.

  51. title: The Downtown Adventure Association

    logline: An amateur detective club finds their pipe-dream coming true when they are thrust on a quest against evil forces for a powerful artifact in order to save the universe.

  52. Hello, I have the following two scripts up on the Blacklist:

    Logline:A secret agent blasts through modern-day Europe hunting the greatest lost treasure of World War II.
    Genre: Action, Heist, Thriller part Jason Bourne, part Taken.

    Logline: A reporter, who writes obituaries on the people she’s killed, falls in love with the next assignment.
    Genre: Romantic Comedy, Action Comedy ala Mr. and Mrs. Smith / Grosse Point Blank

    1. P.S. Thank you for this great offer. I know I'm out of the original 25 postings, but I hope I have a shot.

  53. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Title: Death Or Glory

    Logline: Accused of murder in 1952 Los Angeles, two lovers on the run encounter an eccentric assortment of characters that include drag queens, greasers, masked wrestlers, and even Hank Williams, leading to a final showdown in a dusty Texas border town.

  54. I look forward to the potential read!

    Title: Old Business

    Two brothers unwittingly inherit their father's debt in the criminal world of Atlantic City and must bet, swindle and muscle their way to pay it back.

  55. And that puts it at 50 scripts. Like I said, the first 25 are my priority - I'll see what I can do about getting to the others over the following weeks. You guys can keep submitting, but know that the wait is going to get longer and longer.

    Then again, if you have a great logline, maybe someone else will get to it before me and give you that boost you're looking for.

  56. Dang! So wish I had seen your post earlier!

    TITLE: Mission Hospital

    GENRE: Gothic horror/ Mystery

    LOGLINE: A series of ghostly encounters drive a young doctor to uncover a deadly secret beneath a colonial era hospital’s dilapidated surface. Set in an India prior to the reforms of 1991, "Mission Hospital" is a terrifying tale of occultism, revenge, lust and greed.

    Fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Throwing my hat into the ring, hopefully not too late ...

    Genre: Fantasy/SF (Time Travel)/Love Story

    Logline: After Tiffany James' lover Edward is time-snatched during their 1911 performance of Macbeth, Tiffany enlists the help of Inspector Greenstone and their theatre's well-meaning but tortured ghost Harvey, to bring Edward back from the future. Second rounder at this year's Austin.

  58. Like so many others, wish I had seen this earlier.

    Genre: Western, Action, Coming of Age

    Logline: Set in the mythic old west, sixteen year old Noah hires a bounty hunter to avenge his father's murder, but he must learn to settle his own scores when the deal goes sour, or risk losing everything.

  59. If you're feeling a little lazy and / or dreading another 10 pages, have no fear--we've got a 4-MINUTE VIDEO TEASER for the script you can watch instead! (And then, of course, welcome to check out the script if the video teaser intrigues...)




    LOGLINE: The inspiring true story of Paralympic athlete Joe Perez. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 6 months of age, Joe spends his entire life at the grueling task of simply learning to use his body. Overcoming every obstacle along the way, Joe repeatedly does the impossible: becoming the first person with CP to ever learn how to swim, the first to ever run a marathon, and ultimately, going on to become one of the world’s great powerlifting champions. “Rocky” meets “My Left Foot”.





    Of course it probably goes without saying, but: thanks so much for your time my good man. Not to get all Schindler's List on you, but to quote the immortal Ben Kingsley: "What you're doing... Is an Absolute Good..." ; )


  60. If you aren't mind-numbed already...

    Title: Player of the Game

    Genre: Adventure, Coming-of-Age, Period Sports Drama

    Logline: An autistic boy born into poverty falls in love with the National Pastime, baseball, as he comes-of-age during one of the most turbulent periods in American history: racially-segregated Alabama, 1950/60s. A miniseries biopic chronicling the challenging life of the first autistic person to ascend to the major leagues.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Title: Fight Train
    Genre: Action
    Logline: A filmmaker risks everything when he becomes obsessed with a violent fight club in the New York City subway.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Title: The Turning Season
    Genre: thriller, horror

    Didn't make the 50 cut but here's hoping you'll eventually get a chance to check out all the scripts in the comments. Thanks for the oopportunity!


    Title: Olivia in Ohio
    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    A cool Brooklyn chick gets stuck in Ohio and falls for a nerdy Midwesterner. When he finds out that she's not the person she's been claiming to be, their relationship is put to the test.


    Title: Trade Show

    Genre: Comedy

    Logline: A salesman and his unruly new partner who are demoted to work a trade show booth cross country, resort to blackmailing customers to generate enough business that will save their jobs.


    Title: Ed Pinkerton Saves The Future

    Genre: Action Comedy

    Logline: A man accidentally invents a time machine, travels into the future and learns of a horrific fate for his small town, but each time he attempts to change the present, the future gets even worse as his own life hangs in the balance.


    Title: The Quarterback

    Genre: Comedy, Sport

    Logline: A college superstar quarterback flames out in the NFL, only to make an improbable comeback years later in the rough and tumble Arena Football League.


    THE PALLBEARERS, western drama
    The life of a cowboy is remembered by the six men who carry his coffin, one of whom is his killer.

  70. Even if you never get around to mine, I think this was fantastic and would have meant a lot to plenty of people.


    Comedy, Drama, Romantic Comedy,

    A young atheist writer, trying to understand the nature of belief and self-deception, falls in love with a religious girl.

  71. I know I'm late to the party. But, I heard the parties with BSR don't stop... You know what I'm saying, kid.

    One more in the pile of champions:

    Title: The Naked Olympics

    Logline: To save his job and reclaim his reputation, a high-brow film critic competes against an adult film star, at a nudist colony, for the ultimate prize: the world’s most famous movie prop.

    I'm bringing my "A" game, Bitter. I'm on the dance floor.

    1. Bitter,

      My script got crushed 4/10, so I pulled it. I'm bruised, battered and limping. But, I'm going to keep up the good fight and post another script. I want to remain on your read list...

      Remember in the school yard when a kid had to leave the game for dinner and a new kid would fill in? That's what we're doing here.

      Title: OLDER AND WISER

      Genre: Comedy / Romantic Comedy

      Logline: When a father nears retirement, his irresponsible son ditches his pregnant sex-kitten fiance. She moves in with the father and tries to make him her sugar daddy.


  72. Title: Thread
    Genre: Crime
    Logline: A former drug dealer accidentally kills the son of the small town heavy; desperate, the dealer enlists his cop brother to cover it up jeopardizing everyone that matters to them.


  73. Well I know it's a bit late, but just in case...

    Title: Human
    Genre: Adventure/animated/live-action/historical
    Logline: Based on a true (archeological) story: A volcanic explosion starts an ice age and nearly wipes out humanity, now a smart but inexperienced hunter must lead her tribe to a new home; their journey will create human history.


  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You're very generous with your time. Hoping you get a chance. Thank you.

      Title: Apartment 206

      Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi.

      Logline: Trapped in a run-down apartment in purgatory, an atheist and a woman of faith use a miraculous television to spy on the people they've left behind... until they discover a secret door that leads to a possible way out.


    title- Father's day

    logline- 3 young adults males embark upoun a road trip to find their biological fathers but are met with resistance every step of the way.


    Present day - a singer in an 80s rock cover band and his writer girlfriend have to reconcile their fantasy of success with the reality of their new child.



    An immortal girl searches for a cure to a plague that has devastated 23rd century Earth. Aided by an eclectic band of rogues and scholars, she grows from a vulnerable child to a fierce warrior, battling evil and ancient vampires to discover a mysterious secret about the world and her place in it.



    Genre: Drama, Sport

    Logline: A young Latino man is forced to survive in a world of gangs and violence. Can he make his true desires a reality in such an environment?


    SWAGOPOLIS - A crime reporter believes that he can dabble in organized crime without selling his soul.

    Crime Drama



    Inspired by the true story of Shin Sang-ok, a South Korean filmmaker and his ex-wife are kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il and forced to make movies. Their escape hinges on their reconciliation and the love-lorn attention of a North Korean colonel.

  81. I know I am a few hours past the deadline, but if you're offering a slight hurricane extension like many generous others, please consider reading my first ten pages.

  82. Hey Zuul, thanks for doing this. Below is my submission to your generous offer.


    Logline: After a near death experience helps him remember his daughter's kidnapping, a wimpy father challenges his own mortality in an effort to piece together the crime.

  83. Thanks to my earlier posting on this thread (I'm number 27, close, but no cigar for the immedate reads), my script Broken is now one of the top rated Uploaded Scripts on the Black List.

    Check it out if you get the chance:

    Genre: Drama:
    Logline: A young man's fragile existence shatters when he's forced to care for the brother that abused him as a child, giving the younger brother a chance for reconciliation… or retribution.

  84. I know I'm late to the party here, but in case a "Hurricane Extension" is granted...


    Genre: Comedy
    Logline: The only single one remaining in his group of friends, David decides to break up their relationships so that his buddies will spend more time with him.

    Thank you!

    Thriller, Comedy, Drama
    In a modern reboot of Dickens' Christmas Carol, a billionaire is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to experience life without money.

  86. I know I might be a little late with this (been ill, and have only just become "functional" again), but I hope I can squeeze in.

    Title: Monster Mash
    Genre: Comedy/Horror
    Logline: A love-struck teen, his misfit friends and faithful mummy must battle an army of monsters to save his high school crush from her sorceress possessed father.


    A teenage boy goes on the run from military researchers who want to exploit his psychic power over animals. FIRESTARTER meets THE BIRDS.

  88. I know the deadline has passed but...I'm going to try anyway. And I admire your loyal dedication to read at least 10+ pages of 25+ scripts. Good luck.

    Historical Drama

    Two Holocaust survivors meet, marry, and move back to Germany immediately following the end of WWII. But now begins the real horror as they struggle to find work, start a family, cope with horrible nightmares, share their stories with others, and try to survive in a post-Hitler world.

    Think Maus meets Memento.

    Comedy, Romantic Comedy
    Dumped by his longtime girlfriend, a marriage counselor struggles to learn the strange secrets of modern dating.



    A pretentious French documentarian holds a contest he hopes will bring the sport of Parkour/freerunning into the American mainstream.

    It's as if Christopher Guest did a movie about grownups who run around and jump over things.

  91. Are you still reading scripts on this offer, or have you fulfilled your commitment?

    James McAllen

    Desperate for love and comfort after discovering the depth her husband’s infidelities, Tracy Monroe falls into a spiral of drugs, crime and unseemly men which ultimately lands her in prison. Long Way Down tells the story of Tracy’s fall and her struggle to regain the trust of her two daughters.

  92. Just in case you've extended the deadline.

    The Inanimates
    by Steven Guggenheimer

    A man who believes that his furniture is alive meets another man whose life is so boring that he might be willing to believe him. What follows is a bizarre adventure involving bird weapons, footstool interrogations, and at least one reference to bloodletting.

  93. I know I'm a little late, but just in case:

    by Troy Collins

    An agoraphobic teenager is aided in the quest of conquering his fear of the outdoors by his new neighbor and newfound love from across the street.

    Thank you!

  94. Well because everyone else is doing it :):

    Love Drug
    by Wynn Yoelberg

    Thirty years ago, Love Drug Incorporated discovered the molecular compounds of love. Today, they are one of the most successful companies in the world. Their secret? Extracting love from those most susceptible to falling in it.


    by James Topham

    9 strangers wake in a deserted Mexican town besieged by killing machines: they must discover why they've been brought there to survive.

    Not sure you'll get this far down, but thanks for the opportunity!

  96. I just realized I never signaled my script in this post. The title is Da Tenebre and the logline is
    "Saved from death by Leonardo da Vinci, a mysterious man tries to stop - with the help of the Renaissance genius - the evil Pope Borgia and his ruthless son Cesare from conquering the whole Italy."
    And if reading it you think it's a cheap rip-off of the Assassin's Credd II & Revelation video game, well I wrote it two years earlier that their release.
    I'll be grateful to anyone who provides a good second reating

  97. Might as well give it a shot...

    "Political Party"

    On the verge of being kicked off campus and flunking out of Yale, best friends George W. Bush and Bill Clinton must find a way to out-smart Hillary Rodham and her feminist organization's plans to destroy their fraternity, but the boys' loyalty to each other and their brotherhood is put to the test when Bill starts having feelings Hillary, despite his better judgement.

    Like "Animal House" meets "Primary Colors"


  98. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  99. THY DREADFUL MINIONS by Joanne Lalli

    Genre: True Crime

    Logline: It's the last thing they want you to know: Sam had more than one son.

  100. This is great, here's my horror:

    After a horrifying vision, the town drunk finds a purpose in protecting the locals of a sleepy southern community from a mysterious tree and its fruit that addicts all who taste of it. His resolve is challenged when it appears something more insidious may be using the fruit as a vessel from their world into ours, and the people as the final gateway

  101. Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to gorge yourself on the good and bad stuff, and when you are on a tryptophan cloud, if you feel like it, please check out...

    The School of Beauty

    LOGLINE: A disgraced surgeon lands a lowly Science Professor job at a community college where he learns the Dean has facilities that will allow them to build a sorority of perfectly beautiful co-eds.

  102. Since the BSR has graciously allowed continued posts about our BL scripts...

    GENOVESE, the true story of the fiery Anna Genovese, married to the brutal Don Vito, and how she outsmarted the mob at their own game to get vengeance for the murders of her parents and first husband. A gripping morality tale of greed, lust and betrayal. (Co-written with Ray White).

    THE RETURN, gritty drama-thriller. After a pandemic has decimated and divided mankind, desperate parents are determined to rescue their kidnapped teen deaf-mute daughter from savage Infecteds. Think THE SEARCHERS and CHILDREN OF MEN.

  103. Way past this experiment, but on the off chance you're willing to take a look at my romantic comedy...

    The Cult of Us

    An uptight computer programmer tries to rescue his gutsy roommate/secret-love from the clutches of a cult. But when she insists he’s the one who’s brainwashed, they must master faith in themselves before they lose each other.

  104. On the off chance you'd be willing to take a quick look at my romantic comedy...

    The Cult of Us

    An uptight computer programmer tries to rescue his gutsy roommate/secret-love from the clutches of a cult. But when she insists he’s the one who’s brainwashed, they must master faith in themselves before they lose each other.