Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday Talkback (on Wednesday): Screenwriter scams

We had a good Talkback post last week as you guys weighed in on the merits of InkTip, so I figured that it might be good to put that knowledge to use again this week.

I hope I'm not opening up a huge can of worms here, but I'm putting out an open call for anyone to post on any screenwriting-related scams they've come across. I'm thinking of something along the lines of submitting your script to an agency only to have them tell you that you must pay $50 for another (secretly affiliated) company to do coverage on the script.

Awareness is the enemy of these scams so let's educate each other.

However, it's not a scam if you paid for coverage and got back notes that you didn't like or agree with. That's something between you and the coverage service. But feel free to post any contests or services that are clearly illegitimate.

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