Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest-blogging on Script Frenzy

Recently I was asked to write a "Cameo" for the Script Frenzy website, promoting "The Script Frenzy Challenge" in a few weeks. For those not in the know, Script Frenzy is an writing event that challenges participants to write 100 pages of scripted material in the month of April. As of now they have over 7,000 writers signed up and I'm led to believe that a typical year has nearly 20,000 participants once everything gets going.

It's a non-profit, so there are no fees to participate. There also aren't any prizes - the goal is to motivate writers to put their noses to the grindstone and write like mad in the month of April.

You can find my article "How to Use the Extra Time in the Script Frenzy Challenge" on their website.

Is anyone planning on participating this year? I had considered it, but I just finished a new spec and am working on rewrites. I'd hate to break my momentum on that one to start something new so I'll probably bow out this year.


  1. Just came here from reading your article on Script Frenzy, which is excellent. Thank you so much. I'm an actor just delving into writing for the first time, and am very excited about this challenge. You're a great help in my preparations. Thanks again.

  2. Yep, I'm doing Script Frenzy for the first time. I've tried NaNoWrimo, its cousin event for novel/novella writing a few times but could never get into it, novel writing doesn't really seem to be my thing.

    I've never written a feature length, only shorts, so it's a fun little nudge to finally do it.

  3. Came across your "pep-talk" on the Script Frenzy site. I'm always looking for a new blog or site to help me in my screenwriting endeavors.

    I like your "bitter" angle. I just finished up a 6-8 month stint as an reader/"creative intern" for an agency on the West coast. It was time consuming but I learned a lot.

    This will be my second script frenzy but my twelfth feature script. I only started feeling comfortable with the format after my tenth attempt at writing. Last year I was able to hack out my Script Frenzy draft in two weeks as opposed to four. I'm looking forward to it this year.

    I'm looking forward to following your site.

  4. I'm planning to write my first ever script with the help of Script Frenzy, so I'm looking for anything and everything that can help me. Your blog looks interesting. Thanks for the pep talk, it helped a lot.

  5. Usually I stay in NaNo Land, but I'm going to try Script Frenzy this year. Don't worry; it's written for radio, so it won't be landing on your desk anytime soon :)

    I really liked your take on Script Frenzy because I thought the same thing when I did out the math--three pages a day? That's it?

    Good luck on your spec!

  6. I also just wanted to stop by and say your article was hilarious.

    In the same boat myself since I'm in the middle of a project but I'm using Screnzy as an excuse to have a deadline to finish the other project so I can start the new thing with Script Frenzy.

    Thanks again for the great post!


  7. I'm planning on doing ScriptFrenzy this year, hence my introduction to this blog. I completed two novels during NaNoWriMo and discovered I have an interest and at least talent worth spending some time on. I haven't been laughed out of my critique group yet. I'm reading Story by Robert McKee about the fine art of screenwriting which is a different beast from the novel. I've also been reading books on filmmaking. It started as research for my novel. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I know all about bad writing. Besides reading some of the stuff I put out, I teach writing to 6th graders. At least we know they are just learning and not trying to pass it off as something somebody would pay a lot of money for.

  8. I'm participating in Script Frenzy, if only to force myself to write in a form that's about as natural to me as jumping on one foot with the other tied by a rope around my neck, patting my head with one hand and rubbing my tummy with the other, while tapping the roof of my mouth with my tongue in syncopated rhythm.

    It may be crap, but I will NOT be defeated. ;)

  9. Hi there! Love your blog, I clicked through from Script Frenzy. I typically do novels, but they more often read like scripts so I figure I might give it a try. I took a playwrighting class back in college (not the same as movie scriptwriting, I know, but similar) and thought it was a lot of fun. I'm eager to see what else you have here, if not for the snarky humor :o) Thanks for the pep talk!

  10. Your blog is great! I came over after i read your pep-talk about script frenzy!

  11. Zuul,

    As with many of the others here, I learned about your blog from your contribution to Script Frenzy. I too am making my first attempt at a script this year and appreciate your help and suggestions!

    Thank you.