Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Free-for-All: Wonder Woman

In honor of our little April Fool's joke yesterday, I figured it was fair to devote this week's Free-for-All to Wonder Woman, specifically to the only live-action incarnation of the character. For three seasons, Lynda Carter starred as the blue-trunks wearing superhero. Though the show itself is remembered as being cheesy, it's pretty clear from all the press of the subsequent efforts to get a Wonder Woman movie going that whoever steps into the role next will have to compete with the memory of Carter.

This is a fan-edited montage of moments from the show. It's a little long, but gives the flavor of the series.

And this is a recent TV profile of Lynda Carter. I'd be lying if I said she looked good for a woman of 58. She looks great for a woman of 48!

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  1. I would totally go back in a Hot Tube Time Machine and watch the pilot episode on a 15" Sony with state of the art Bunny Ears antenna.