Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Talkback: Summer movies

Summer movie season is in full swing. What summer movies are you excited about, and why?

Which films have you purely interested on a premise/plot level? When it comes to the stories that are attractive to you, what do you look for and why?


  1. I saw some trailers last time we went to the movies, mind you, it was for kids movies, so I'm not sure exactly what's coming out for adults.

    -Iron Man 2 (just because I love the first)

    -Marmaduke (who wouldn't want to see this movie?)

    -A-Team (gotta love those 70's remakes)

    -Toy Story 3

    -The Sorcerer's Apprentice (maybe)

    -Cats and Dogs 2 (maybe)

    I like going to see kids movies with my son just because (most times) they're a lot of fun. Gives me a chance to feel like a kid again.

    I like scifi/fantasy, and often, that's what attracts me to the theatre. I guess I'm still hooked on that feeling of awe I had when I saw Star Wars back when it first came out.

  2. The Expendables. I'm fully prepared for it to suck, but I read the script and whether it sucks or not it will be BAD ASS. Almost everyone I have ever wanted to have my babies is in this movie.

  3. Inception seems like the only interesting premise this summer. Now that Iron Man 2 is out, Predators is the last franchise flick that interests me.

    The Girlfriend wants to see the new Shrek because of Big Fat Orange Cat, I want to see the Prince of Persia because of Swords and Sandals, but both of those are guilty pleasures -- not genuine excitement.

    Really, this summer is weak sauce.

  4. Inception! That's pretty much it.. maybe Toy Story 3. But it's gonna be a boozy summer, no money for movies hehe.

  5. I haven't seen Iron Man 2 yet, but so far what I'm hearing is what I expected... not as solid a character film as the first one, trying to do too much, but lots of whiz-bang.

    I will go pay my penis tax to see The A-Team. One hopes that Liam Neeson being awesome as Hannibal will balance out Rampage Jackson being a disaster as B.A. Baracus. I dig Jackson and was a fan in his fighting years, but I have no reason to believe the guy can act credibly opposite Neeson.

    I expect Toy Story 3, no matter how weak its concept, to be the most structurally sound movie of the summer. If there's one thing that Up and Monsters Inc and such made clear, it's that Pixar's writers and producers do a masterful job of refining and maximizing structure.

    Shrek should be good for a chuckle. Every Shrek film so far has hit its comedy beats relatively well, whatever else the film's shortcomings.

    I can't wait to see The Expendables just to see what they DO with a cast containing so much awesome!

    Looking ahead to next summer... anyone think the Eye of the World movie is actually going to happen? It seems to have been in development hell for a while, but last year it was finally named as a 2011 summer release... but there has been no sign of the usual preparatory script/cast/location leaks or anything, and we're only ~12-13 months out. This is a saga that will have to be filmed with huge lead times, like Potter or LOTR. I doubt they can hit the street sooner than half a year after principal photography wraps... if it ever starts.

  6. I totally want to see A-Team.

    And I'll take my son to Toy Story 3. :)