Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Talkback: New fall season

Let's keep this short and sweet, people. What new shows are you interested in seeing this season, and which ones are you avoiding like the plague?

As I've got several friends working on this season's new offerings, I'm probably not an unbiased observer, so I'll refrain from weighing in until after several of you have had your say.


  1. The Event. And Boardwalk Empire, despite it coming slow out of the gate.

  2. Just finished watching The Event premiere. I'll keep watching as I think the series did something right that Flash Forward did not. FF lacked suspense, but I'm still not sure if that's a result of the writing or the premise which sort of forced that direction.

    I'm interested in No Ordinary Family just because I'm mostly surprised it took this long for network television to make this type of show. Though, I get the feeling we did see something like this because lets face it, that's a concept straight out of the 80s.

    J.J. gets an automatic watch from me so Undercovers is queued up on Hulu.

    Just found out about the David Cross (Arrested Development) created series Todd Margaret on IFC so I'm gonna watch that too.

    New shows I'm avoiding like the plague (and this only includes the shows I've heard of and just thought would be crap)?

    Chase. Sorry Bruckheimer, but quite honestly, and this may sound stupid, the posters look dumb.

    Hellcats. Bitter's love for teen dramas aside, I just can't buy into this stuff.

    My Generation. The ads are obnoxious*. It's everything I don't want to care about in life.

    *Consider that I live in NYC where I have to stare at My Generation ads for an hour a day in my work commute on the train. Dirty Sexy Money had a similar affect on me when they overdid the advertising.

    I also don't watch a lot of on-air television so most of my decisions are made by looking at an ad outside. I remember when I saw the ad for Heroes and was hooked. I see the ad for Hellcats and I think: "Aly's hot, but is that really their strategy to drawing me in?"

    How was Lone Star? Heard nothing about it but the name made me wiki it up and it sounds interesting.

  3. The new shows I'm adding to my DVR queue are The Event, Undercovers (simply for the blind faith I now give to J.J.) and Hawaii Five-0. Anything on last night I had to record though so no spoilers if you decide to comment on this (at least not for a few days).

  4. The term "Sexpionage" earned Undercovers an automatic pass.

    I'm scared to death that Big Bang Theory may run out of clever. I've loved it so far.

    I wanted to like V, but it lacks action...big time.

    The Event gets another week to up the fun and cut it out with the stuttering flashbacks and the different angles on the same scene.

    I'm expecting too much out of tv these days. I need to chill. I miss West Wing, Buffy, and STNG...

  5. Lone Star & Hawaii Five-O. And though it started this summer, I've been enjoying Haven on SyFy.

  6. I'm only truly excited for Walking Dead, but I've queued up any new show that might possibly interest me.

    So far I've only watched:

    Nikita (ok, but 2nd episode had a lot of problems)

    Terriers (like it)

    To watch: The Event, Lone Star, Hawaii Five-O, Running Wilde, Undercovers

  7. Two Cannibals eating dinner : "Man, your wife makes great stew!"....."Yeah, but I'm gonna miss her."

  8. " The Event": I thought the pilot was too much clever and the writers 'feeling themselves." Okay, we know you can write. The script was probably awesome upon awesome. But, as pure entertainment, I got bored. "Undercovers": Boris in a sexy ass role. A beautiful girl named GuGu...Nothing else to say.

    Not going to watch :"The Chase." Nothing drew me to this. "Raising blah blah blah" : So what. "Hellcats" : Hell to watch.

    On the fence: "No ordinary family" : Besides being too close to a pilot I wrote and never watching anything that is similar, I don't like the casting.

    Cant Wait For:"Modern Family": Bring on the Funny!; "Grey's Anatomy": How they will top last season, I don't know.

  9. Just wrote a post about my fall line up over at my blog. Apparently I watch a lot of TV compared to everyone else...

    I wish I had HBO, so no Boardwalk Empire for me. Trying out the Event, the Good Wife, and Undercovers, though Alias gives the spy genre a hard target to hit.

    Guilt of Glee by association, my flatmate loves it. But have you heard about Gwyneth Paltrow guest starring as - of course - ANOTHER love interest for Mr. Shu? What a flake.

    Downright excited for Detroit 187, Bones, Community, and 30 Rock. Oh, and Top Chef Just Desserts.

    A few more shows and my reasons why at www.iwritewithpictures.blogspot.com

  10. The Event was some dreadful unimaginative drivel. I've already cleared it from the DVR recording list for future episodes.

    I enjoyed Boardwalk Empire.

    Zane Lampray has yet another new show coming out about drinking.. It will probably be the best new show of the season. What's that say..

  11. And seriously.. Did Mike and Molly actually start their show out with 10 minutes of fat jokes?

  12. My takes:

    Nikita - not impressed. Lyndsy Fonseca was really the only thing that brought me back to check out episode 2 and the writing really fell apart on that one. She's the breakout star in a cast of fairly one-dimensional characters.

    Hellcats - months ago the CW released two-minute previews of their two new shows. The Hellcats one was so slow and boring that I had little incentive to check it out. (Eyecandy wasn't a reason either, as I didn't think the ubiquitious billboards really flattered any of the girls.)

    The Event - watched it because everyone else did. I enjoyed the Jason Ritter story and am intrigued by the Scott Patterson stuff. I really hated all the leaping around in time, though. If that keeps up in episode 2, I'm probably going to check out. The Laura Innes material has potential too. (Ever since I saw the first promos with her, my guess has been that she and the detainees are time-travelers with knowledge of what's to come.) The Presidential material is pretty standard fare at this point, and suffered from being mostly exposition. I'll give them another week to see where they take this. If they can get me to care about more of the characters, I'm in - because the uberplot holds no interest for me.

    Hawaii Five-0 - Meh. It was an action movie crammed into an hour and I already have HUMAN TARGET for that. Alex O'Loughlin has all the charisma and screen presence of burnt toast. Scott Caan was surprisingly not as annoying as I expected him to be, though. I might check out another episode, but it's a bad sign when the leads bore me.

    Chase - the two challenges here are 1) making the "fugitive of the week" storylines interesting and not-repetitive and (2) moderating the use of Annie's daddy issues with her criminal father. By now, Bruckheimer should be able to do procedurals in his sleep so we'll see how this goes.

    Also interested in:

    No Ordinary Family - anything by Greg Berlanti gets at least three episodes from me. Plus the premise is tailor-made for a comic geek like me.

    Shit My Dad Says - I like William Shatner. Hope the show isn't as bad as they say.

    Law & Order: LA - I miss Jack McCoy and the Mothership, but there's no way this could be worse than SVU. This'll get at least half a season out of me unless it's truly, truly terrible.

  13. I see a couple more people mentioning Lone Star. I'm going to check that out.

    I hope Shit My Dad Says is better than I've been reading as well.

    As for The Event: the time jumps did not bother me, but I am weary that they will be used to help the writers get out of a hole. What's better than to rewrite a mistake by dropping a character into a past situation that negates the original intent of the present situation? Danger, I say.

    Time travelers is a good guess. My guess is they are beings from another time or dimension. But it's not that simple since I don't find that to be eventful enough to label The Event.

  14. Favorite pilot so far: Lone Star
    Least favorite: Mike and Molly

    I'm interested in Undercovers and The Walking Dead.

    I'd like The Whole Truth to be cool (love Moira Tierney), but I suspect it won't be.

  15. I think "The Event" and "Undercovers" won't last past one season.

    Hawaii Five-O most likely will get picked up again, despite it being mediocre and just stupid.

    I like how they turned Mcgarett's character into the pro-typical super spy.

    "It says here that you were ex-seals, ex-naval strike ops team, ex-bridge demolition, ex-fighter pilot, Mcgarett. I think I've got a position for you on the Honolulu P.D. that's IF you think you can handle it!"

    Undercovers looks like "Chuck, but with black people."

    I'm looking forward to:

    Peep Show in November
    The Adventures of Todd Margaret in October
    The return of Kenny Powers in October