Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Free-for-All: Biff Tannen

The Back to the Future Blu-Ray set has re-ignited interest in the trilogy and one of the more interesting things to pop up on the web as a result is the entire video biography of Biff Tannen from the alternate 1985. You might recognize this from the scene in Back to the Future part II when Marty finds himself out in front of the Biff Tannen Museum.

And as a bonus, here's a video from a stand-up routine performed by Biff's portrayer, Thomas F. Wilson. It's a short song that answers all the questions he regularly gets about Back to the Future.

1 comment:

  1. I wish the studio would have found a way to release the official video in their new set. Seems like something worth having instead of scenes with an actor that originally portrayed Marty. I can do without content that doesn't add to the story.

    Anyway, they'll get my money because the entire trilogy is and always will be my favorite trilogy of movies. And this time I won't let someone borrow it like I did the previous trilogy release that is no longer in my possession.