Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Free-for-All: You can't spell "buyer in claptrap" without "Republican Party"*

*seriously... that's a real anagram. Check it yourself. Also applicable: "Racy banter pupil" and

To paraphrase one of my favorite Lennie Briscoe quotes: "I want to work for Fox News, learn to talk out of both sides of my mouth."

Hug a teacher today. They probably need it and they've certainly earned it.


  1. It's unbelievable the way teachers have been treated lately. These brave souls put up with the nonsense of children and teenagers every single day, in the vain hopes that they can turn their students into proper human beings. To say that they are somehow overcompensated, given their herculean task, is just ridiculous.

  2. Teachers suck. Union thugs that use human shields in the form of children. You've been listening to too much state run media or you would know this. ( NPR - literally ...its state run and its media soooo )