Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Talkback - Untitled Bin Laden Project

Place your bets - now that we have closure on Osama Bin Laden, which one of these movie adaptations do you think we'll see first?

1) A thriller about the search for Osama, following the CIA and the Justice Department over the ten-year crusade for justice. (Think Zodiac.)

2) A less sprawling thriller focusing specifically on the buildup and execution of Sunday's operation. (Think Valkyrie.)

3) A character drama about the solider who rises through the ranks until the moment of truth when he's the guy who kills Osama Bin Laden.

(Sidenote: I have this image of a grizzled medical examiner performing an autopsy on Bin Laden, and doing the whole CSI workup to the bullet hits so that he might match various wounds to the guns that fired them. Thus, he's able to conclude who really killed Bin Laden... announcing it with, "And the winner is..."

Look, my brain takes dark detours sometimes, okay?)

4) The Barak Obama bio-pic that forces on the struggles of his first term in office, ending with the Bin Laden operation as his moment of triumph.

5) The Michael Moore documentary that looks into just how cozy the relationship is between Pakistan and Bin Laden.

Also, I have to say I'm a little shocked Leno lasted ten years without once deploying the Dancing Osamas.

Everyone seems to assume it's a given that South Park is going to acknowledge Osama's death on Wednesday, so it'll be interesting to see which tact they take.


  1. Isn't there already a Bin Laden movie in the works? It's supposedly being made by the same guy who made Hurt Locker and was going to be about a failed assassination attempt, but they're going to change it.
    Also they'll probably make all of the above.

  2. In my opinion, #'s 1, 2, and 5 are essentially inevitable. They'll happen eventually.

  3. I think it should be a Bin Laden biopic told through the eyes of this courier he used. That way, we can see all the fascinating stuff like how Bin Laden became the most powerful terrorist in the world, and all the living in secrecy and in caves and all that, but through the eyes of someone else. Maybe the courier can be struggling with the things he's forced to do, just so the audience has someone to grab onto that isn't a cold blooded murderer.

    Just thinking.

  4. Dude, you're takin' this too serious man, loosen out man, damnit what is the matter with cinema mingling with polictics. F***** ***** SITUATION f**** room.

    Don't focus too much on CNN dude.

    Make it entertaining. Like FFC did for Apocalypse Now. Like MC did for Deer Hunter. Like OS did for Platoon.

    Only one of these adaptations would make SC proud. Make is smart and satirical. You know, chill out for f*** sake, stop writing scripts based on the real world. Give you own d********** spin it. Turn it upside down on its f************** ears, man.

  5. So timely that I just finished writing my blog post today and go to see what you've written and I see you've have come -up with probable movies that are already being written but you missed my idea. Granted --a fictional version but Hollywood loves hybrids. http://theponderingwench.blogspot.com/

    I Enjoy your blog!

  6. 6) The TV sit-com: The worlds most wanted terrorist is holed up in a small bunker in the middle of a small town. His couriers come and go, his wives and mistresses are constantly crossing paths, his kids and grandkids are cute comic relief. He sits and watches TV all day. Plays computer games. Watches porn. Hatches plots to destroy the world. Crazy antics, kooky schemes, oddball characters coming and going. Drones and CIA agents and Afghan tribal chiefs and Pakistani generals all hover in the background.

    I wish I knew TV sitcoms better..