Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Free-For-All: Final Destination 5

Some of you may remember that last year I interviewed screenwriter Eric Heisserer soon after his first film, the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, hit theatres. In the second part of that interview he offered a few teases about his next assignment, Final Destination 5:

There was so much cool suspense, character development, and sense of mystery in the first Final Destination. Then you look at the fourth movie and it’s almost a porn version of the first—just one death sequence after another. And you know, it was still fun, I can’t lie, but for me it lacked a lot of what made the first movie so good. What I’m trying to do with this fifth film is make it work on its own; make it a supernatural thriller first, and a Final Destination movie second. It will have all the trademark elements fans love from the series, but hopefully it will surprise them, too. At least, that’s my hope…

I rather liked the first Final Destination film. In all honesty I can't recall seeing the second - or even if I saw the second film. I'm pretty sure I liked the third film too, but I readily confess that might be my Mary Elizabeth Winstead crush talking.

With regards to the fourth film, I think Eric said all that needs to be said.

In any event, the few tidbits we got from Eric gave me the hope that he wrote the kind of Final Destination movie I want to see. Better still, the trailer has me intrigued.

If you're not following Eric on Twitter, you need to remedy that immediately. (I have never figured out if his Twitter name means "Writers Pry" or "Writer Spry" though.) He has regular Writing Challenges that a lot of aspiring scribes can learn from. On top of that, he's a cool guy and has been a great friend to the blog, so I genuinely hope the film does well when it hits theatres on August 12.

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