Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Free-For-All: Taylor Swift does Eminem

I mean... she "covers" Eminem.

The Apocalypse is upon us.


  1. I can't stand people who just sit there and strum a few basic cords. Its so lazy and uncreative. I know that is what her genre is. But that genre is lame if that is all it has. I think I'm more jaded about the music industry than I am the movie industry.

  2. You're not the only one, Dave. There's a reason I don't listen to anyone discovered after 1979 - and that reason is autotune. Music today is more about physical appearance than talent. Let's face it, if she was alive and under 30 today, Ella Fitzgerald would not have a career simply because of her weight, even though she could sing circles around the likes of Swift.

    Writers, even if they weigh 1,000 pounds and look like some unholy love child of Jabba The Hut and Octo-mom still have a chance if they have talent. You can't use autotune on scripts.