Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Free-for-All: Sean Young begs for an audition... again

This has to be one of the more awkward things I've seen this week.  Back in 1991, Sean Young mounted a rather... enthusiastic campaign to play Catwoman in Batman Returns.  She'd been cast as Vicki Vale in the original Tim Burton Batman, but had to bow out after an injury.  So when the sequel came around a few years later, she decided she should let it be known that she was willing to play the part.

Unfortunately, this included going on The Joan Rivers Show in full Catwoman regalia, basically begging/demanding an audition.  As if that wasn't bad enough, she made her way onto the Warner Bros. lot and attempted to confront Tim Burton directly.

Now, when something like this becomes what you're known for in Hollywood, you'll find that doors aren't just closed in your face, but locked and deadbolted as well.  So Sean Young's actor career soon dwindled.  Two decades later, if you mention her name to someone in Hollywood, the Catwoman campaigning is probably one of the first things that springs to mind.

So Ms. Young decided the time had come to try to put to rest some of those old demons.  And what better way to do that than by going onto a talk show and begging for an audition?

Sigh... the more things change...


  1. I used to feel kinda sorry for her, but when you're in a town where people will forgive drug/alcohol use, banging/beating your kids, racism, sexism and many isms that can't even be defined...and they still consider YOU too crazy to work with, then maybe that's a YOU problem.

  2. A friend of mine worked in a stuntman/tiny role capacity on a film with Sean Young. One afternoon, while waiting on a long setup, he found himself sat in a limousine with Ms. Young and Ian Holm (astute mediocre movie buffs might guess the film at this point)

    He said that she talked, non-stop, the whole time, on various world orders, conspiracies, and particular certain conspiracies that conspired to stop her getting major movie roles. And he meant she talked the WHOLE time. He and Ian Holm couldn't get a word in edgeways. He's never seen someone as desperate to get out of a car as Ian Holm was that day.

  3. The offers must be rolling in now. That was a full-proof plan.

  4. Reminds me of an old Kenny Everett character from British TV in the 80s. Here she is on prime time chat show "Parkinson".