Monday, October 24, 2011

Unofficial Get Your Shit Done Week begins now

I had a choice today.  I could write a few blog posts for this week, or I could make serious headway in the Act I have to write for my latest pilot spec.  Since too often I've used the blog as an excuse to procrastinate, this time I decided that blogging would take a backseat until I got at least ten pages written.

This sparked an idea.  I'm trying to finish Act Two of a pilot, reconvene with my writing partner on Saturday and then finish Act Three with him over the weekend.  I want to use this week to motivate everyone to make some headway on their writing  Think of this as a support group.  Seven days, people.  The clock starts now.  In comments, put your writing goals for this week.  Then, come back next Monday and tell us how far you got.  Let's keep each other honest.


  1. As is often the case – after a particularly parasitic and guilt laced phone call from a family member that can never seem to get the fact that I am not a wet nurse – I plunged into a dark funk. I took a long walk on the beach just to smell the air and listen to the surf. And then it hit me. Inspiration! Deep, dark, and hopeful inspiration. The images are so clear in my head but as you know transition from mental image to type on a page is a daunting even overwhelming step. The written language can be so limiting, so frustrating.

    Nonetheless, I accept your challenge. I will use this week to rough sketch the scenes and fishbone the story elements.

    Poring the scotch now… Good luck to us both…



  2. I want to finish a second draft of a comedy that I've been kicking around since the spring.

    I had been primarily working on other projects, but this moved up to #1 slot about 5 or 6 weeks ago. And it's time to get it done.

  3. I'll bite.

    I'm using this week to:

    A) listen to all of Herman Melville's TYPEE in audiobook form so as to research the part of my screenplay that takes place in The Marquesas (don't ask),

    B) outline said Marquesas sequence,


    C) firm up the Act II structure in general.

    Which will leave me poised to enjoy Halloween weekend and then launch into NASCWRIMO (na-scream-oh?), in other words write the FUCK out of the actual screenplay during the month of November.

  4. Written (a little over-written at page 19 already) my Act I of my first original pilot.

    I can finish this week if I'm ~8-10 a day.

    I'm in.

  5. Since i JUST finished a revision on my new pilot, i'm in that weird state of bliss and unrest, because the draft is finished, yay! But what next? Writers' group meets to discuss it in two weeks, so what now?

    Well, i have Feature I've been dallying with for over a year, but other projects kept cock-blocking it, so I'd really LOVE to make some great ground on it while I'm waiting for notes on other script, so I can A) start something new, and B) get my mind off the other script (which i think is healthy).

    We shall see, in a week, I hope, if I've followed through.

  6. Finish the latest draft of my pilot. It's at 61 pages (hourlong) but can be tightened.

  7. Two goals for two scripts this week:

    -for actual script rewrite - get to halfway point
    -for outline rewrite - get to end of Act 2

    I'm not much of a scotch drinker. Is a bottle of red acceptable?

  8. I will definitely start diving into my 2nd ACT of my screenplay and hopefully get 20 pages done or more, which is a lot for me.

  9. Write a fifteen page screenplay for a short film, and not murder the other student I'm forced to work with on the project.

  10. Write last 10-15 pages of screenplay first draft. Now at page 80.

  11. I want to write another 15-20 pages of my vomit draft (which'll bring me into Act III) and finish/film another sketch for a side project.

  12. I'm in Bitter. My goal for the week will be supremely ambitious: outline my subplots and finish the whole damn thing. 110 pages of 1st draft in 1 week. No excuses. Shoot for the starts. Screw the scotch. I think I'm gonna need some coffee.

  13. -New comedy blog post & web comic
    -New satire article
    -Work on adult animated sitcom pilot
    -Read 3 scripts, gives notes to writer of one
    -Script segment for show my group in TV comedy class is developing to pitch
    -Write a comedy sketch
    -Get started on huge Script Editing class assignment
    -Write notes for picture book idea.

    I know. I'm a goddamn sparrow that bounces about. Keeps me sane.

  14. I want to go from zero to 110 pages in one week. I've even killed my Facebook account and am having FB withdrawl.

    I've got the research and plot and characters laid out. Now I just gotta write it <..>

    Let's see how far I get :)

  15. Good luck to everyone! We have some very ambitious people here.

    Valarie - Having been there myself, I can assure you that the latter of those two goals is by far the most difficult.

  16. Shore up the second draft of a comedy and ship it out for feedback. Which requires me to actually locate readers beyond my brother. Any go-to, reliable readers you all would recommend? I've seen the name Scott thrown around these parts. Any others?

  17. Ass in seat and 12 pages today. First draft may be crap, but it's done.