Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Talkback: So how'd you do?

Last week was declared Unofficial Get Your Shit Done week and I had several of you set goals alongside my goal to get an entire act of my pilot written.  Well, I'm pleased to say I kept up my end of the bargain.  How'd the rest of you do on yours?

Even if you didn't chime in on the first post last week, feel free to let us know how much you wrote in the past week and if you're happy with it.


  1. Mission accomplished! I actually completed my stated goals and boarded/carded the full story arc. I am now in the full flesh out stage - need more scotch though. Cheers…

  2. Hi there:

    I just discovered your blog while looking for something else. Yes, that person looking for sexy doggy pizzas was me. :)

    I got stuff done. I'm working on a treatment, but I haven't decided if it would be a screenplay or a novel. After reading several of your blogs about breaking in, it seems to me to be nearly impossible. So, why are people trying?
    Maybe we are all completely nuts.

    Have you discussed the prospects of television writers vs. people who want to write a movie? Would people stand a better chance with movies if they are somehow involved in working in television? How important is university education these days?

    Just curious.


  3. Embarrassed. Wanted to write 45 pages. Wrote 1.

    Good wake up call. I've written a dozen scripts, but I've never set page goals for myself, and seeing how badly I did now makes me want to try it more.

    Your "Get Your S--- Done Week" has truly motivated me. If I want to be a professional, I gotta MAKE time to write. No excuses.


  4. I liked that you did the call-to-arms post in the week I had something to do, even if I didn't post before.

    I set about redrafting a feature I wrote in 2005 for entry into a UK Channel 4 sponsored screenwriting program.

    I always liked the screenplay but it needed a little updating to account for the years, and also it benefited from me being a better writer now than I was then.

    I read it through twice, marking down things (both scenes and dialogue) to alter then did a seven hour pass through it, changing that which was sucky and did need changing.

    The next day I took another four hour pass, fixing widows and orphans with a rewrite where ever possible and just altering action and dialogue to make it as smooth as humanly possible.

    In the end, it sadly added three pages to the 2005 draft, but they replace some things where I'd screwed up before, and it's a better script over all now - 116 and a half pages, so not the worst number ever.

    Now that's sent, I'm going to use the same process to update/improve the two other specs I have, then dive into two new ideas I've got. I also need to figure out my blog, which I re-opened as a review thing, but that's essentially pointless so I'm going to revamp that.

    And then I need to edit the no-budget feature I'm 90% of the way through making.

  5. I got a lot done on my second draft, but I realized my protag needs a positive goal besides not getting fired and proving people wrong.

    Onto the next project for the time being...

  6. Terribly. Mission NOT accomplished.

  7. Completed first draft and now have it in the drawer while waiting on notes from friends. My sister, of course, loves it, but I know that doesn't really count.

  8. There was a big staff shakeup at work, and I found myself working a lot of extra hours. While I love the overtime, it took away from my actual writing time. No progress on pages, but made it through a sequence in the outline that had been giving me trouble. I'm hoping to recover some lost ground in the coming weeks.