Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: Shameless Plug Corner

Every now and then I get an email or a comment that's little more than self-promotional spam.  You've probably seen these if you've hung around here long enough.  "Hey, I love the blog.  By the way I have 8 specs that are totally available on my website at www.notsubtle.com.  Blogs like yours are great for people like me who are writing romantic comedies with unique premises such as 'A student teacher falls in love with her mentor, only to have a jealous 6th grader blow the lid on their affair after the student teacher rebuffs the student's advances.'  My mom thinks it's the best thing I've ever written."

These are always awkward for me to reply to because I get what it's like to want someone to look at your work, but the stealth hardsells like this are always off-putting.  Also, it's hard not to feel really used when this sort of thing is posted in comments.  In those cases, I know it's less about the commenter interacting with me, and more about them taking advantage of my blog's audience. 

So how about everyone gets it out of their system now?  This is an open thread to completely, utterly and shamelessly plug anything you're working on.  I'm talking about loglines, short films, indie films, novels, blogs, novelty twitter feeds, public access shows, street performances, open mic appearances and political campaigns.

The one catch - if you're gonna post, you have to read every comment that appears before you.  I figure that's only fair.  Since you're trying to get some eyeballs on your work, show the same courtesy to the others.

Have at it, people.


  1. I don't like to shamelessly promote, but since you invited it, I will share the trailer for a short we're finishing up post on this week. Gateway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbUUjhJQ_xc


    1. Nice production value. I've seen those actors in a lot of things. Good luck with your short.

  2. I made a mean PB&J sammich. Since I enjoy reading your blog and info - I'll give you half-sies! (i suppose i meant that metaphorically considering i just finished it all.)

  3. Pretty good trailer Chris.

    I'm not beyond a little shameless self-promotion. So check out my blog: http://davesverse.blogspot.com/ It's mostly politics with some random tv, movie, and sports posts thrown in.

  4. This is kind of the opposite of what this thread's intended for, but I'm looking for low-budget horror shorts to show to a production company in London (I'm trying to persuade them to consider creating an online platform for up-and-coming talent to gain exposure, but it MUST be horror) - if anyone's got anything I'd really appreciate a link to it!

  5. Great trailer Chris, and Dave, you're bookmarked!

    Well I thoroughly enjoy a bit of self promotion, the more shameless the better, and it just so happens that the viral campaign for an interactive drama I created here in Stockholm is just about to kick off!

    It's going to be a bit of a mad treasure trail through story taking place all over the internet, and the best place to start is either here: http://talesofsodermalm.blogspot.com/ (main character/narrator's blog) or by liking the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/realtalessodermalm - more will soon become clear...

    The more support/hits/comments we can get the better, so thanks a million and tack så mycket in advance to anyone who checks it out! (It is partially in Swedish, but translations and subtitles will be provided, and please feel free to comment in either language)

    1. I've always wanted to try writing something like this, but the time commitment scared me off. Good luck!

  6. Hey guys, this is actually relatively good timing, as I just announced on my blog a new weekly podcast my co-writer and I will be starting on Monday! It's called Will and Bobby Know Everything and you can read a little bit about it at my blog, which I guess you can click on my icon for. But just in case it's www.WillRogers2000.blogspot.com

    Just a stupid fun show, because why not.

    So far it's just a basic introduction, but tonight I'm going to post a clip from the first episode! Check out the rest of the blog a little bit to, and see if you're into it. If so, follow me to get more of that same type of stuff.

    Also, Audrey Deux, where can I send a script? I've got a good one.

  7. This post reminds of the time when I was chatting with Davie (as in David Lynch)..Oh you mean we are not here to discuss last night’s dreams?
    My current project is A Clean Up at the Roxx Trailer Park with Amazon Studios (I know, I know…)
    It is basically Goonies for grown-ups: a weekend adventure of friends surviving a flash flood, FBI investigation into local meth business AND potential alien virus infection…Yes, it’s a hot mess as in Paris Hilton’s hot…
    I see potential for a fun movie appealing to twenty something and will go back to polishing it as soon as 18 month ‘contract’ with Amazon Studios expires (I hope)…
    In the meantime, I am working on a
    a) Sliver meets M. Night Shyamalan’s Devil project
    b) Signing up for fencing classes
    c) Entering Nicholl Fellowship Contest
    Thanks for reading…you can catch up via @irlmorris

  8. Audrey - Try asking the guys who run the blog Kindertrauma. There was a guy awhile ago who posted a link to his own indy horror film but I can't remember which blog post it was.


  9. Um... my good friend's wife has a comedy group at UCB that's really funny. Can I plug them?


    Other than that, I got nothin...

  10. Just wrapped a draft of a novel at 400+ pages... starting on a final draft with an eye to getting wrapped up in September. There's also a comic book and Stop-Motion animation component to the book (I know, I know, after yesterday's excellent post about the perils of Transmedia, but hopefully a bit more seamlessly integrated than The Devil Inside's hyperlink ending), so I'm employing a freelance artist to draw the comic and trying to teach myself how to do SMA. Why? Because I want to give this book away on the internet, but seriously, WHO WANTS TO READ A BOOK ON THE INTERNET. Or at least on a desktop. So hopefully the visual components will give people an idea of whether the book sucks or not. It might suck. I'm not averse to that possibility.

    Love the blog, been lurking for a bit, keeps the rusty writer wheels turning during the day job.

  11. Got nuthin' ready to plug, but here's the logline to the script I'm working on: 'When her blind sister is kidnapped by their eccentric grandfather, a shy college student sets out to rescue her under the tutelage of a mysterious watchmaker with the power to stop time.' Any thoughts?

    1. My main thought is that that's a very complex sentence and I get lost trying to keep everything straight. You've got a shy college girl, a blind sister, a crazy grandfather and a guy with the inexplicable ability to stop time. That's a lot to throw at the audience.

      You set out the physical goal (find the sister) but it might also help to hint at what the journey will mean thematically. It also might not be a bad idea to hint at why stopping time is an important aspect of the story.

      I might lead with "When a shy college student's blind sister is kidnapped..."

      I also worry that the person answering your query might have to look up the word "tutelage." It's best to keep it succinct and simple.

  12. I love shameless self-promotion!

    Let's see, I'm sending around a half-hour comedy pilot about a bunch of friends who live in LA, oh and they're ghosts. That's something you might want to read if you're looking to buy a pilot.

    I'm writing a feature comedy now but I can't plug that because it's just an outline.

    I still have this feature available for purchase: When a couple is unable to get pregnant the normal way they start doing all the things people do when they accidentally conceive. So yeah, buy that if you like funny lower budget features.

    What else? Anyone want to buy a Nintendo Wii? I've got one sitting in my garage I never use anymore.

    Oh, most important! Follow me on Facebook!

  13. Audrey Deux, since you literally asked for a horror short, I'll give ya one :)

    Grindhouse Presents: Assault From Beyond The Grave -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXFGqiUuujY

  14. Since I will be offline for the rest of Tuesday talkback let me now:
    -wish everyone best of luck
    -thank BSR for the opportunity

  15. I wish I had a street performance to plug because that would be awesome, but I'll make due with my ebooks. Winterborne, Ravenstoke (both YA urban fantasy) and Hostel Takeover (contemporary fiction) are available on Amazon, B&N and iBooks. Thanks for the open door!

  16. www.innocenceblood.com

    Trailer, and other info.

    Indie feature I directed last summer, in final stages of post now. Starring Jun Kim, CS Lee of Dexter, Doug Jones of Hellboy, with Justin Chon from twilight. :)

  17. Okay, after debating if I should take advantage of this or not - after all, I'm a singer, not a writer, and I just post here because I desperately hope to convince some future Oscar winning screenwriter to break away from stereotypes and traditions and remakes - I decided I'll go ahead and promote my YouTube Channel.


    Videos of me singing, my dog being silly, and me Vlogging.

    Why? Not for the reasons you think. I have a cyber bully who's going around pretending to be my dog Audrey who died almost three years ago, my best friend who died at 26 from cystic fibrosis, and me. And if my videos were to suddenly get a bunch of thumbs up it would really piss my cyber bully off!

    That's right, you don't even have to watch my videos. Just thumbs up them to help me get a smidge of revenge on some coward who can't even use their real name.

    Especially if you thumbs up the vlog on bullying because that one caused them to send me 20+ emails in a period of 5 minutes claiming that bullying helps weed out weaklings and that it's okay to drive kids to commit suicide.

    Plus, my dog Minnie is cute and for being cute she needs a thumbs up. Especially when you consider she used to be a breeder in a puppy mill.

    And that's my shameless self promotion.

  18. @ Clayton J Smith:
    What genre do you currently think you're heading into? I thought it sounded like intriguing sci-fi/horror (as is my wont...)or maybe more relationship focused adventure. I'm interested.

  19. I run an encourgement and educational blog for Wannabe actors, writers, comics, musicians and other artists called www.wannabepride.com I am alwayslooking for guest bloggers, so if youve got something to contribute and you want to promote a project, contact me at silverscrnwriter@gmail.com

    Not Everyone Can Be a Wannabe

    Thanks, Bitter!!

  20. Just saw this post and enjoyed everybody's plug, so now I feel compelled to plug my blog.

    I'm fortunate enough to be listed as one of BSR's "Other Blogs I Enjoy". Most posts deal with how my scripts are coming along, as well as other stuff going on in my life and mini movie reviews.

    Feel free to stop by and give it a look-see.

  21. Just noticed your quaint little blog and wanted to give you the opportunity to get bigger by guest writing on my blog supersubtle.blogspot.com.

    If you've been under a rock, let me tell that some dictators died last year and my blog pretty much tips the balance in the "indy" (if you've heard real players calling Hollywood that, guess who you should thank...).

    I know you're amazed that someone of my notoriety would throw you this bone, but I can see you have a certain youthful spunkiness I remember from my own early 20s (I'm in my mid-20s now).

    Hey - real notoriety awaits you. And welcome to the indy.

  22. http://www.peterlharmon.com/

    woop woop

  23. Hi, thanks to Jamisings and ToniFilangeri for the links! @ William Rogers - unfortunately I can't do anything with scripts at the moment, am just collecting links to finished short films.

    (My apologies for failing to post these as 'replies' - I'm on a terrible PC and it won't let me!)