Monday, March 12, 2012

"Shit Script Readers Say" - I'm doing a web show!

If you checked out ScriptChat last night, you got an early peek about a little video announcement.  See friends, I have a new project that's so near and dear to my heart that I could only announce it to the world in the form of an outdated internet meme.

But what does it mean?  Well, next month I'm lauching a web show off-shoot of The Bitter Script Reader brand.  It'll touch on the same sorts of advice I dispense here, but in a succinct, bite-size way.  Don't worry, the blog's not going anywhere and will still be the go-to place for the longer, in-depth discussions as well as the more timely stuff. I realized a while back that I was going to YouTube with my "How do I..." queries almost as often as I was Googling them.  A weekly series seemed like the most natural way to expand the brand and enhance the blog content at the same time.

The web-show is meat-and-potatoes screenwriting advice.  Early on, we'll have a 12-part series where I take you through the writing of a screenplay step-by-step.  It's my intent to make this fun for you loyal readers who've been here since the beginning, as well as draw in a new audience. 

In addition to the straight-up advice, there'll also be interviews with screenwriters and other industry pros.  And I'm not talking about two or three minute soundbites.  These will be every bit as comprehensive as some of the other interviews you might have seen on this site.  There are a couple other surprises in store, but those may be a ways down the line.

I want you to know that I wouldn't have done this if I didn't have such a supportive and loyal audience.  You guys are great about coming here everyday and interfacing with me via comments and Twitter, so I wanted to do something that you guys would like.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Pass it around, bribe Nikki Finke to put it on Deadline, and show it to your friends.

Now I'm going to do my best to NOT read the usual YouTube comments of "this suxxxx" and "u r a l4m0."


  1. Given pointed ears, this dude could be a body-double for Spock!

  2. Funny clip. This sounds like a fun idea. I'll tune in. And thanks for interacting with us here and on Twitter. I know script-writing is your meat and potatoes, obviously. But I for one enjoy your opinion on all topics.

  3. Love that. Hilarious. Maymay.
    I want to see more of him -
    like a TV show's worth.

  4. That was great. Perfect way to kick off a Monday. I can't wait to see more.

  5. Great to see you're expanding. But please don't call commenting "interfacing". Interface shouldn't be a verb, and if it's a verb, it should be between man and machine, or machine and machine.

  6. That isht was funnnny... Thank you!

  7. I heartily approve. Have't worked on anything since I finished my last script a year ago and an entertaining back-to-basics series would be great motivation to start cracking on new stuff.

    The puppet is genius.

  8. Ok. It's been days now. When is the next one coming out? I've watched it three times already... I love his catchphrase: "Pass".
    Do I have to organise a flash mob to get you to do more?

    Oh my God it's been seconds since I started writing this and STILL no new clip.
    You treat your fans like shit.