Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: What do you want from the webshow?

So as the last few weeks of 12-Step Screenwriting are winding down, I'm looking forward to new things for the YouTube show.  I've got a TV-related interview that's in the can, but I'm holding off on posting that until the new fall season debuts.

So I'd like to survey you guys and really find out what you'd like from the show.  I can't promise that every idea will be doable or feasible, but I'd really appreciate hearing from you what you think works and what you think doesn't work.

Do you like the short info segments like those in 12-Step Screenwriting?  Would you like to see further series like that which focus on specific aspects of screenwriting?

How about interviews?  Would you be interested in seeing longer interviews with writers and directors, presented in short, 4-minute pieces?  And I'm not talking about EPK-type promotional interviews.  I'm more interested in having a real conversation about the creative process, sort of akin to what you might find on Inside the Actors Studio.  How many of you would be interested in that, even if the writer wasn't necessarily someone you were familiar with?

What haven't I thought of that you'd like to see on the show?


  1. I'd definitely be interested in writer interviews...

    1. I agree. I'd also love to hear more about the things that piss off reader's. Outside of the industry, we are told time and time again to impress the reader's. You've done an amazing job over the years writing about the things that have made thee bitter. I think even doing a little Good Idea Bad Idea segment when writing would be funny (ala Animaniacs) or even just discussing further what will and won't help a writer out. Just my two cents.

  2. I always enjoy writer interviews, and would watch them on your channel, but I also feel like AV Club, Vulture etc. have got a lot of this kind of thing going on already. It's almost a crowded market.

    Maybe it'd be interesting to get diverse but professional commentary (from a couple of screenwriters, a director and an editor?) all discussing a single classic scene or sequence. Listening to pros dissect how a scene has been built, what worked and what didn't, and how they might have played things differently... and potentially disagreeing with each other on all those areas... could be really interesting.

  3. For sure. I'm always interested in smart interviews about craft.

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