Friday, May 24, 2013

Superman: Secret Identity, plus Geek & Sundry vlogger Amy Dallan

A few years ago I gave a rave review to a graphic novel called Superman: Secret Identity, which read in part:

Superman: Secret Identity is one of the greatest Superman stories - nay, greatest comic stories - ever told... and it doesn't even feature the real Superman.  Perhaps I should explain.

Secret Identity is a wonderful example of a writer taking a familiar property and finding a completely different spin on it.  Were Superman in the public domain like all the fairy tales that seem to be in production these days, we might even see a writer develop this brilliant concept as a screenplay, as it offers the chance to reinvent Superman in a way that might make him more accessible to a modern audience.

The graphic novel is set in the "real world," that is to say - our world.  It's a world where Superman is a fictional character, and our hero is a young man born to the Kent family - and who was tagged with the unfortunate first name of "Clark."

At the time I lamented that the trade paperback had long since been out of print.  Well, DC Comics recently rectified that. You can get it on Amazon for $17.99 or order the digital version via Comixology for less than $12.

You don't have to be a Superman fan to appreciate this story.  Hell, I'd say you don't even have to be a particularly big fan of comics to enjoy this story.  And don't just take my word for it - check out this wonderful review from Comics Alliance.

Speaking of comics, you might remember my glowing endorsement of my local comic shop, House of Secrets.  Well, one of the extremely cool employees of that establishment, Amy Dallen, is one of the eight vloggers who are part of the Geek and Sundry Channel launch that occured this week.  Perhaps you saw the article discussing this in the Hollywood Reporter?

The Geek & Sundry Vlogs Channel will focus on supporting 20 vloggers with Day and producer Jenni Powell serving as mentors. Each vlogger will receive support from Geek & Sundry and a per-video stipend.

“It’s incredibly exciting to expand Geek & Sundry as a network with our new vlogs channel that looks to present new geek voices to a wider audience,” Day said. “My hope is to create a platform and home for up-and-coming vloggers who have a chance to participate, learn and develop with us, while continuing to grow Geek & Sundry by authentically connecting with and serving our community.”

 Here's Amy's first video, an introduction to the world of comics:

Please check it out and subscribe!

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  1. Agreed about Secret Identity. Read it recently and it's been resonating ever since. I am a lifelong fan of the Superman character, and so often the stories about him disappoint in terms of maturity, sophistication, character development. Not this one! Along with Immonen's stellar artwork, it is nearly the perfect comic book.