Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Webshow: "What Fellowships Do I Recommend?"

It's hard to know where to send your screenplay once you're done with it. This week's video looks at a popular option - Fellowships.

Here are the programs discussed in the video:

Nicholl Fellowship
The Disney/ABC Television Writing Program 
The WB Television Writer’s Workshop
Nickelodeon Writing Program
NBC Writers on the Verge
CBS Writers Mentoring


  1. I was really excited about the Disney/ABC one until I read I need two letters of recommendation from current entertainment industry professionals.

  2. Real good, informative stuff here, Bitter,

    Thanks for the post. Nice to be aware of the all the fellowships available for writers. Sounds like most all of it is geared for staffing network, TV shows. The only one I've taken a shot at is the Nicholls. Now I see why other pre-pros are working on episodes for existing TV shows; they're preparing for fellowship entries.

    Guess some of us, (namely me) are a little slower on the ol' uptake. Glad we have you out there to remind us of opportunites to potentially break-in. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for another great post! I've applied to Nicholl and the WB Writer's Workshop. I'm most excited about the WB fellowship, but the issue I do have with it is that it's unpaid. As far as I understand (and maybe Bitter can elaborate) you are responsible for getting to LA for 5 months on your own dime with no guarantee of a job afterward. Personally, I tend to be more attracted to the types of TV shows WB produces than the other fellowships, so even though it's a gamble I found it to be worth the risk and potential financial burden.

  4. Thanks for posting these!

    I applied for the NBC and Warner Bros. ones, submitting a spec for "The Newsroom". It was a mammoth undertaking to do an Aaron Sorkin-like screenplay with my own flair added to it (not to mention I only had five days to write it and one day to rewrite) but hopefully it's enough to get noticed.

    Good luck to all others who applied as well!