Monday, October 7, 2013

My appearance on Hollywood Bound and Down podcast

I'm the featured guest this week on Joshua Caldwell's podcast Hollywood Bound and Down.  In a chat of about 90 minutes (geez, I'm long-winded), you can find out a great deal about me as Josh and I talk about climbing the ladder in Hollywood, some of my experiences in development, and a lot of talk about the projects I involved myself in in college.

I haven't listened to it yet. (Contrary to what the long interview might lead you to believe, I kinda hate the sound of my own voice in long stretches.)  However, I remember that Josh asked a lot of interesting questions even though I had been concerned he'd hit on the same subjects I see asked about again and again in my inbox.  I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you're curious about the podcast in general, here's a handy introduction below...

Hollywood Bound and Down is a podcast hosted by writer, director, producer and MTV Movie Award winner Joshua Caldwell. Interviewing industry professionals Joshua explores the world of Hollywood for those at the beginning of the careers and discusses how they became successful, broke in, got their start, the art and craft of making films, television, web series and more. His guests to date include actress Missy Peregrym (Rookie Blue), Writer/Director Eric England (Contracted), Writer/Director Julian Higgins (House), actor Manny Montana (Graceland), screenwriter Kyle Ward (Machete Kills) and screenwriter/writer's assistant Adam Gaines (The Bridge).

Josh's twitter: @Joshua_Caldwell.
 HBAD Twitter: @HBAD_Podcast.

Here's the iTunes link: Podcast: 

My episode:


  1. If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were my cousin in that podcast. Seriously. I had to play it for my mom and my aunt (he's next) so they could concur. Hearing you speak freely vs your puppet voice is quite the difference. Hilarious.

    Thanks for sharing it with us! And glad to find yet another resource/podcast to milk from ;)

    1. After several breaks for phone calls, etc, I finally heard the end of it where you address that exact thing. See? You DO sound different.

  2. Wow, I was only able to check out about 15 minutes of this audio. It's like an hour and a half long. Out of the first 15 minutes, though the audio quailty was bad, I did like what you had to say, Bitter Script Reader. Thought your drinking thing was quite funny.

  3. Quote of the day:

    "If you say 'thick skin required' you might as well say I am a huge asshole who will not respect you."

  4. I know I already said it on Twitter, but I'm going to say it again here. You guys both did a really great job; it was well worth listening to every minute of it. :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing! As a fellow script reader was very interesting to hear your path and experiences.