Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Talkback: So what have you done this year?

We've begun the final month of the year.  The clock is ticking on those screenwriting goals you laid out in January.  How many of you will be rushing to keep resolutions of that nature?

My completed writing goals include:

- completing several drafts of a new screenplay.  Much to my relief, it's been met with good reviews from some of my writing peers and even some professionals who have read it.  I've got high hopes for this one.

- Completed a massive overhaul on a comedy pilot I'm working on with a co-writer. Notes are coming back on that and revisions are underway.

- Completed an entirely new pilot, for which I will be getting reactions very soon.

And though they don't count as much, I've begun outlining a couple other ideas which will be on my agenda for 2014.

What have you accomplished?


  1. Finished writing my first ever screenplay. I've finished many novels before. Never a screenplay.

  2. Polished one screenplay to the point we were able to get a rep. Not that it's come to much beyond that.
    Started and finished second screenplay. Started outlining third.
    Got a new day job.

  3. oh jeez um finished my second solo feature that my former writing professor really dug, did my first co-writing gig on another feature which we threw up on black list, and just finishing a drama pilot. oh also did a few shorts for some friends...thankfully been keeping productive in the writing realm haha

  4. It's been a pretty good year.
    - Wrote 2 webseries, one of which I successfully shot the first episode and am prepping the second (Monster Therapist).
    - Wrote 2 sitcom pilots.
    - Wrote, produced and directed an improvised play.
    - Nearly finished with new comedy feature.
    - Have been active on WGA Writers Education Committee
    - Started doing stand-up again.

  5. Had a so-so year, Bitter. Goal for 2013 was to finish 3 spec. scripts. Finshed off a teen comedy entittled "Bubblehead Saves the Day" back in Feburary, then just last week finished off a horror sci-fi, "The Commune II", my sequel to the "The Commune" which I wrote in 2009/2010. Just starting to gear up for my next writing project. May get back into an epic fantasy story, or I may do an animated, coming of age, story.

    Never a dull moment.

    - E.C. Henry

  6. Still working internally (in my head) on my latest script. 38 pp in, and seem to be lost in Act 2. Involves a lost play by Shakespeare, which may explain my stage fright at going any further. My best script is now at two agencies (requested). Wish me luck :>)

  7. Wrote a pilot and a feature thriller.

  8. I was able to check off a couple of items:
    -got a manager
    -semifinalist in TB's Launchpad
    -top 15 percent in the Nicholl
    -completed draft of new spec & outline of another
    -set a PR running a half-marathon - (twice)
    -made baklava - and it was delicious

    Looking forward to what 2014 has in store.

  9. My writing goals of the year took a "slight" hit with the birth of my first child (not a complaint, at all).

    I did manage to write a couple shorts and film them alongside my brother, plus rewrite a script that's been on my list too long.