Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Webshow: "Do I need to move to LA?"

Another question a lot of you guys are fond of asking is "Do I need to move to LA?"  Take it away, puppet...


  1. Hmmm... Bitter's Bed and Breakfast Inn..??

  2. In Russia, LA moves to you
    or something

  3. Alright Bitter, you've convinced me. Now where is the best place for a struggling writer with no money and unreliable transportation to live in LA? Also, can I borrow a few bucks? I'm good for it, I swear.

  4. This advice is easier said than done. Writing jobs won't happen right away, there needs to be something to fall back on. Yes, I do have some relatives out in Orange County and Manhattan Beach, and yes, I do have some friends out that way who I haven't seen in person for about 15 years...I live in Michigan - freaking Flint area, no less - and I'm struggling to get work. Yes- I'm nearly dead broke here and I'll be dead broke LA. sister's car breaks down every few weeks so she tends to borrow mine so I'm stuck without a that won't change much...My recent leg injury will come with ...everything's about the same I suppose.

    Man, do I sound like a grouch or what?
    Don't mean to. But while the truth is the economics aren't good in the lovely state of MI (a big budget film production down in Detroit area next month aside - who do have to hustle to get work on the Man Of Steel II set anyway?) last I checked CA isn't that much better.. I'm not talking writing and film related work though as much as I wouldn't be the one to bitch about it if I got such work - but work in general.

    By the way, what was places like The Black List about again? I don't want to sound too cynical but how many scripts on Black List --or Inktip, for that matter - are from writers from outside the state of CA?

  5. Great advice. I would just add that you shouldn't move to Los Angeles to START writing. If you don't have a couple of solid specs already, there's no need to move out here until you do. You CAN write those anywhere. But once you've got a couple of good scripts, THEN you definitely need to be here.