Thursday, April 17, 2014

Links: Oral history of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR and Eric Heisserer's twitter talks

Today's a day of links:

First up, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is one of my favorite guilty pleasure films and I've long thought it's much better than it gets credit for.  (For one thing Timothy Olyphant's line reading of "How do I do it?... It's like a gift" has to be up their with one of my favorite deliveries in a film.)  I get why it didn't connect with audiences - the whole porn thing made a lot of people squemish.  (And if you think about it, the relative ages of everyone in the story means that Elisha Cuthbert's character either became a porn legend off of a VERY short career, or there's some Traci Lords-ish scandal in her past.

But if you can get past that, it's a pretty entertaining film.  That's why I was very entertained by this surprisingly comprehensive oral history of the film's making.

Also, I tweeted this out, but it occurs to me it might be a good idea to archive it on the blog. Screenwriter and director Eric Heisserer has begun to make a regular habit of tweeting out long twitter speeches of advice and insight into the writing biz.  A lot of them are in the vein of one of the most popular posts on this blog, "Screenwriter Eric Heisserer lifts the curtain on the studio film development process from a writer's perspective."

Well Tim Wainwright has taken all of Eric's twitter rants and compiled them here. You can also access them individually at the links below.

1. TV Pitches (4/8)
2. Loglines (3/28)
3. Feature Pitching (3/15)
4. Details and Continuity (3/12)
5. Screenwriting in general (3/11)
6. Challenging Yourself (3/7)
7. Screenwriting advice (Drafts, Parentheticals, Respect) (2/28)
8. Minimalism (2/18)
9. Real or fake script notes? (2/1)
10. Female Protagonists (9/5)
11. On Output (8/18)

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