Wednesday, June 11, 2014

HUMAN TARGET producer crowdfunds for his INDIANA JONES fanfilm

I have a pretty strict policy about Kickstarter endorsement - I don't promote it unless I contribute to it.  Because of this, I'm pretty skeptical when I get an email drawing my attention to a particular campaign, but every now and then there are elements attached to the project that draw my interest.

TV writer/producer Stephen Scaia is running a campaign to raise money for his Indiana Jones fan-film.  Stephen's credits include the shows JERICHO, WAREHOUSE 13, the unproduced live-action STAR WARS series and - most notably - HUMAN TARGET.  I really enjoyed HUMAN TARGET, particularly the first season, and one of the big things I loved was that it seemed to do an action movie for TV every week.  So an Indiana Jones-style action sequence as conceived by that guy definitely has my interest piqued.

The cast includes Simone Bailey (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE L WORD) and Timothy Omundson (PSYCH, JERICO, DEADWOOD.)

Check out the pitch video for the project. 

You can find the entire page for the campaign here, along with all the rewards.  They're very close to their goal, so close that perhaps they've crosssed it by the time you see this.

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  1. I was a fan of Human Target, too. It's the only drama I ever wrote a spec for. It was a blast to write because the show was so much fun. Shame it didn't take. In hind sight, it seemed an odd fit for Fox. Might have done better on TNT, USA or even Spike.