Monday, August 4, 2014

Join me and Joshua Caldwell for a live-tweet of COLLATERAL on August 6th at 8pm

8pm PST on Wednesday, August 6th, 2014.

Join Joshua Caldwell and I as we live-tweet a screening of Michael Mann's COLLATERAL on the 10th anniversary of its theatrical release.

Me: @BittrScrptReader
Josh: @Joshua_Caldwell

We'll be using the hashtag #Collateral10 for all of our tweets.

Never seen COLLATERAL before? First of all, how? Second, join us for your first time.

Watch it every year? Contribute to the experience with your own insight and responses. This is a chance for fans of one of the best films of 2004 to get together for this one time event.

COLLATERAL is one of my favorite movies, boasting what should have been an Oscar-worthy performance from Tom Cruise as a hitman spending the night forcing a cabbie played by Jamie Foxx to drive him around as he pulls off five hits.  Stuart Beattie's fantastic script takes what could have just been a B-movie premise and elevates it with a great deal of tension, suspense and an overabundance of character. COLLATERAL is one of those movies I wish I wrote, and after watching the commitment Cruise displays in the behind the scenes of this and GHOST PROTOCOL, I should be so lucky to ever work with an actor as dedicated as him.

Josh and I have been prepping for this by reviewing older drafts of the script and the film's commentary and bonus features so that we can provide some interesting color commentary to the film.  We hope to make this as fun as the live-tweets that Go Into The Story used to run.

The bluray is a mere $9.49 on Amazon, which means you can probably find it for at least that cheap at your local retailers. (I've seen it for as low as $7 in the clearance bins at Best Buy.)  Sadly, the film doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere, but we're hopeful we can give you enough lead time to track it down if you want to participate.


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  2. I saw it in the theater (wow, 10 years???) and I've watched it several times since. Vincent heavily influenced the creation of one of my own, especially the sense of nihilism about him:

    Vincent: Max, six billion people on the planet, you're getting bent out of shape cause of one fat guy.

    Max: Well, who was he?

    Vincent: What do you care? Have you ever heard of Rwanda?

    Max: Yes, I know Rwanda.

    Vincent: Well, tens of thousands killed before sundown. Nobody's killed people that fast since Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Did you bat an eye, Max?

    Max: What?

    Vincent: Did you join Amnesty International, Oxfam, Save the Whales, Greenpeace, or something? No. I off one fat Angelino and you throw a hissy fit.

    Max: Man, I don't know any Rwandans.

    Vincent: You don't know the guy in the trunk, either.

  3. Ooh, been meaning to watch this again for ages!

    Mainly coz the director I'm working with keeps pissing me off by banging on about it all the time.

    Stuart Beattie is an inspiration to all Aussie screenwriters...

  4. Great film. I watched it when I needed some inspiration/direction for a noirish thriller I was writing that also took place over one night. The script went on to be a Nicholl quarterfinalist. Fortunately, it can be streamed --- it's available in YouTube Movies for just $2.99.