Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last day to contribute to Emily Blake's short film Kickstarter!

Fellow screenwriting blogger Emily Blake is in the final two days of her Kickstarter for her short film "Tenspotting,"  which she describes as "A heart-warming romantic comedy that's a love letter to fandom and con culture - and, of course, to Doctor Who."

Meet Angel (Chloe Dykstra), a cosplayer who met her perfect "Ten" at last year's convention. He was everything she looked for in a guy, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Doctor Who and an impeccable Tenth Doctor cosplay. The only trouble is that she never got his name or number. And there are hundreds of other cosplayers who look just like him!

At this year's convention, Angel's friend Tamara (Tiffany Smith) is on a mission to help Angel hunt down her perfect Ten in a sea of Doctors. Will she be able to find him again? Or will she find another connection in an unexpected place?

Tenspotting was conceived by a group of writers having drinks and shooting the breeze one evening at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego. The idea was simple: what if you met your soul mate at a convention, but couldn't find them among similar cosplayers? Screenwriters Emily Blake and Michael Patrick Sullivan wrote a script, Respect Films signed on to produce, and a short film was born!

You can also find Emily's own post about why she wants to make this film on her blog here.

The campaign had set a goal of $8,500, which they met Sunday night and are in the process of exceeding. With that sucess, you might wonder why I'm pushing you to give more. First, they've added a stretch goal of shooting a post-credits scene if they get to $9,500.  The real reason is that a failing of Kickstarter is that you can never be sure that the money pledged will equal the money actually collected.  This article does a better job of explaining this sort of occurrence:

Stacy Davidson was seeking $56,000 for a video game project, and he hit his goal. But when Kickstarter ran the investors' credit cards, a few of the pledges turned out to be bogus, including one whopping $10,000 one. Kickstarter funds projects based on pledges, not actual cash collected, so that left Davidson with a significant shortfall to cover. But since completed Kickstarter campaigns can’t be reopened or added to, Davidson ended up asking for private donations to help fill in the gap. 

Lesson learned: Don’t rest on your laurels just because you’ve hit your goal. Keep promoting your project until the time is up, no matter how far over goal you are. 

Emily's been a good friend to the screenwriting community for a while now through her blog and her latest venture, the Chicks Who Script podcast with Maggie Levin and Lauren Schacher is off to a great start. If you've ever been looking for a way to show your thanks for all she's done, this is your chance. If it helps, think of it as a tip jar.

Click here to give to the Tenspotting campaign.

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