Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Promos for the Puppet's big return on FUTURE WORLD!

Several of you have asked me in both emails and Twitter if we're ever going to see the puppet again. I don't see any permanent sort of return in our future because those videos eventually became a drain to produce with just a two-man team.

However, that doesn't mean he's gone forever. Tomorrow, I'll be making an appearance on the latest NEW IN BOX from Future World. Future World has several running series, including a very funny series called LEGO ADULT, which consists of promos for fake Lego sets that are relevant to adult situations, such as Soul Sucking Day Job and TV Shippers Survival Kit.

In NEW IN BOX, host Chris Waild asks people to name the childhood toy they wanted the most but never got. Then he goes online and buys it, with the unboxing of the cherished toy being the centerpiece of the video. You can find all the videos here and they include items such as Crystal Pepsi, a Ghostbusters Ghost Zapper, and a Hey Vern! It's Ernest! Talking Doll.

My episode debuts sometime tomorrow. Here are some fun promos:

And check out one of my favorite NEW IN BOX episodes here:

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