Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glee pilot tonight at 9pm on FOX

Just a public service announcement to any of you who have TVs and still watch network TV. Tonight FOX is rerunning the pilot episode of GLEE. I've seen the first two episodes and it already shows signs of being one of the best new shows of the fall and one of the most fun shows on TV, period. And if you've already seen the pilot, this is supposed to be an extended director's cut version

It also has all the earmarks of a high-quality show that will be canceled because of low viewership. Tune in now. Otherwise you have no one to blame when the CW revives "Models, Inc." next season.

And if you don't smile and tap your feet during their rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" you clearly have no soul.


  1. how the hell did you get to see the second episode already?? did the quality hold?

    i gotta admit, i have a bad feeling about this show as well. impressed in what i saw in the pilot months back. tried to get my friends into it, they were not interested. liberal, educated, mid-twenties guys and gals with some taste. not interested at all. does not bode well.

    here's hoping Journey can save the day...

  2. The second episode has been screened at Outfest and Comic-Con, so a lucky few who have attended one of those panels got to see the second ep a few months early.

    The quality held. If anything, the second episode is even stronger than the first, largely because with all the intros and "pilot-stuff" out of the way they can start having fun with the characters. Rewatching the pilot tonight just reminded me how much better the second episode was.

    I don't want to ruin too much for next week, except to say that there's even more music than in this week's. Matthew Morrison sings "Golddigger," Lea Michele does a Rihanna ballad, the Glee club participates in a pep rally I dare not spoil, and we get to see a meeting of the celibacy club.

    Oh, and Jane Lynch steals several scenes but file that one under "duh!"

  3. Yay, I love Glee! I rolled my eyes when I first started seeing the commercials way back before the first episode aired, but I watched and am now hooked. I'm glad they're able to poke fun at themselves. I wish there were more original shows like this on TV.