Thursday, September 17, 2009

Links and other bloggers

I wrote two long posts earlier this week, so today is mostly going to be an odds-and-ends post.

First, Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer was kind enough to answer my question about writing TV pilots. Click on over to her site to see how she responds to my query about if you should write a spec pilot that starts with Episode 1, or do Episode 2 so that it better represents a "typical" entry in your series rather than spending the whole story establishing your premise.

And speaking of queries, regular reader and commenter Kgmadman has been running a funny series in his own blog about sending out fake query letters. The first two he's posted are pretty funny. Wander over there and check them out.

Finally, last week I became aware of the new blog Cine-a-Craze. The writer, Camden Carr, describes himself as "a overpaid and glorified babysitter." He says he "work[s] for a major studio in Hollywood, and my bosses, some of the biggest execs in the industry, are the biggest babies of them all." Thus, the focus of the blog is insider stories revolving around such things as the egos involved in the studio rewrite process and the time he got to stab his boss.

I will say this - at this point I'm still not sure if Mr. Carr really is indeed a real studio exec or just a very creative writer. However, the blog is quite entertaining and probably right up the alley of most of my readers. If nothing else, it's worth a look. I don't know Mr. Carr personally (at least, I don't think I do - one of the perils of both of us writing anonymous blogs) so don't look to me for clues as to who he is and where he works.


  1. Thanks for the plug. I appreciate it. Loved your posts this week

  2. Praise from bitter Caesar, I love it! Thanks dude.

  3. One thing I love about the anonymous blogs is always trying to figure out who everyone is, and whether they know each other