Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Free-for-All: Captains of the Enterprise

I'm introducing a new weekly segment called "Friday Free-For-All," which is mainly meant to be a treat for all of you who check my page daily even though I don't post new content every day. As the title implies, it'll be whatever I feel like posting - the only rule is that I find it either entertaining or informative.

As this week was the 43rd Anniversary of STAR TREK, I thought I'd kick things off with a few Trek Captains stretching themselves.

Warning: You will never look at Captain Picard the same way again!

And another gem from "Extras"

And just so I don't get emails about Shatner's singing career, enjoy the following:

The one that started it all:


  1. And then there's Captain Archer

  2. Haha that scene from "Extras" is probably my favorite from the whole show. its the first one I describe when I tell people about the show.

    Patrick Stewart: I've seen everything. Yeah. I've seen it all.

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