Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Free-For-All: The A-Team

I barely remember seeing The A-Team as a kid. I was never motivated to check it out in reruns, and the trailer for the feature film opening today looked so bad that I have no intention of watching it before the film hits free TV.

But... I recognize that many of you may be fans. Plus I figure throwing this on the blog today can't hurt my Google hits, so without further ado here's the intro from the series.


  1. Yeah... Much like Knight Rider, A-Team is one of those things that are period-specific. Back in 1984 you could literally vanish off the planet if you wanted to. Now it's just hard to believe that the g'ment couldn't easily find the A-Team and shut them down pretty much immediately.

    Besides, NOBODY can replace Mr. T, certainly not "Rampage."

    I read the NIGHTMARE that was the A-Team production and I'm amazed that they managed to pull together anything even remotely coherent after the script was rewritten by ELEVEN writers.

    I'm still amused that the idiot D-bay producer wanted the A-Team to be "Gritty" and have "No humor." So typical in Hollywood where just about NOBODY understands the source material; and it's especially sad when you seem to have problems understanding something as simple as translating The A-Team to the big screen.