Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Screenwriting resources and cool blogs

It's well past time that I throw out some plugs for cool blogs, so here are a few other things to check out in between new posts here:

First, friend of the blog Scott Myers has put his loyal army of writers to work at Go Into The Story and they've come up with a what they consider a definative list of the best scripts in each genre. These are scripts that they feel every screenwriter could learn from. This post over at GITS explain more, and provides a link to the list as well as links to the scripts themselves. (Don't worry - these are all scripts from released films, so nothing here is "in play.")

I also recently stumbled onto "I Liked the Trailer Better," a blog maintained by industry insiders named Brian and Golan. Their introduction reads "We both love movies. We both teach at film schools. We both work in development. One of us worked on MUTUAL APPRECIATION, worships Mumblecore and is Asian. One of us worked on IRON MAN, loves studio fare and is Jewish. We're not going to tell you who is who, to retain the mystery."

I don't usually endorce blogs that aren't updated regularly. These guys don't keep to any kind of consistent posting schedule, but when they do put up a new blog entry, it's pretty comprehensive. It's certainly enough to keep you busy for a little while.

This next plug isn't movie-related, but I know that a fair number of my readers are comic book geeks like myself. A while back I attended a talk by writer Peter David at L.A's Golden Apple and met a few bloggers with Collier Comics who were there to interview Mr. David. I've been lax in tossing them a plug, but I hope to rectify that now with a link to the Peter David interview. Check out their more recent material if you're so inclined.


  1. Nothing in the GITS list appears to link to anything except a site trying to sell file hosting.

  2. @wolflahti--

    Sorry about that! One of the sharing options randomly switched itself back to "private folders." If you go to the actual Library ( you should see all the genre folders, and the scripts are in those folders.

    And same goes for clicking the links on the list to download the scripts--it should send you directly to a download page that looks like this:

    Sorry about the mixup, guys. Let me know what you think!


  3. Thanks Nate! And thanks to wolflahti for alerting us to the problem!

  4. No problem! Thanks for the heads up.