Friday, October 15, 2010

Go see Chad, Matt & Rob's new interactive adventure "The Treasure Hunt" premiere this Sunday at the Anaheim Film Festival

This Sunday, my friends Chad, Matt & Rob will debut their new Interactive Adventure Comedy short "The Treasure Hunt" at the first annual Anaheim Film Festival. The screening begins at 6pm, and you can follow this link to purchase tickets for $10 each ($5 for students and seniors).

What starts as an average day at the office for drones Chad and Matt turns into high adventure when coworker Rob barrels into frame with a faded map and tales of vast riches. At first it’s easy to shrug off Rob’s glee at an adventure in the making as nothing more then a flight of fancy, but the arrival of a dangerous tomb raider soon makes one thing clear: this may be one quest they have no choice but to take. While our heroes may have no choice in controlling their fate their audience does in this interactive, choose your own adventure from some of the web’s biggest up and coming stars. In a spectacle that’s part feature film, part video game the fate of this clueless trio rests in your hands!

I've featured Chad, Matt & Rob on the blog before, and I'm planning on featuring an interview with them next month, discussing how they built an audience for their webshorts and how that's lead to other inroads in the industry.

Also, for those interested in New Media, Sunday the Anaheim Film Festival will feature a New Media Expo described as being "focused on exploring the future of new media and what steps content creators and producers need to take now in order to make sure they remain a constant source of entertainment to an ever-evolving audience. The expo itself will be comprised of a number of screenings and panels throughout the day covering everything from web criticism to branded marketing, and will also include the first ever New Media Market, which will give creators the opportunity to present their current shows and projects to those individuals and companies seeking new content."

So if you're in the L.A. area, I encourage you to check out all the festival offers, both on Sunday and this entire weekend.

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