Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Talkback - What scares you?

Playing off of yesterday's topic - what sort of everyday things scare you? You might not see a way to translate them into an entire movie, but what occurrences cause you to fear the worst case scenario?

Imagine all the things that could go wrong if you find yourself in gridlocked traffic, never moving for hours at a time.

Or perhaps you fear slipping in the shower, breaking your neck and slowly drowning as the tub fills up with water.

What are your most primal fears? What truly scares you?

If you don't feel comfortable sharing that, let me know which films you feel do a good job of playing off the same sorts of fears that Frozen, Open Water and Awake do.


  1. I like reality gone wrong...such as in Open Water. Potential "real" scenarios are much more intense and scary to me than say zombies.

  2. Agree with Brooklyn.

    being unable to move and have big spiders crawl all around me and then over me.

    being alone in a house and being stalked by a murderer, and trying to figure out where to hide.

    waking up to find someone standing over your bed.

    a big element is isolation, so you can't call out for help in any situation..

  3. Claustrophobia and Batophobia are serious issues for me.

  4. Being eaten by an alligator in a lake of fire while a clown stands above me and laughs.

  5. Your partner disappearing, not being able to find them, and not being believed by the police eg Frantic

  6. What scare(d) me. 2 reoccurring nightmares I would get as a young kid when ever I was sick.

    First one... A garden type world. Running through the forest to make a spaceship launch that everyone was on... But I would never make it, and always ended up alone. (possible influenced from a heavy religious upbringing)

    Second... I'm trapped behind of massive mechanical door, gears, levers and I'm alone in the dark. Never any escape.

    So "trapped" and "alone", guess that always bothered me as a kid. (weird I'm pretty independent now)

    But only one that seems to jolt me in recent history will be the appearance of a Black Shadow, usually a man's outline.. but will appear randomly. Almost exactly like this

  7. My wife, my child, or my dog being subjected to something horrible and I am helpless to intervene.

  8. Dark enclosed spaces. Couldn't watch The Descent (though I demanded every detail from my darling, sounds like some great story-telling), and won't ever watch Buried (though I read script, skimming only a few bits, good read).

    Evil dolls. The fear they evoke in me is entirely out of proportion with the actual scale of their beady-eyed little selves.

  9. Dying while either parent is still alive.