Monday, December 27, 2010

Budgeting your time - try to write regularly

So I had a grand plan to finish writing a pilot before the end of this year. Not sure if that's going to happen. In theory I had plenty of time - two months. I'd even set a theoretical schedule, but that proved to be my undoing. I know that I like to write in long bursts - sometimes as many as 10-15 pages in a shot, so I convinced myself that any day I wasn't actually writing, I was still "working" as I was thinking about those pages. Thus, I was making it easier on myself because I'd only need three days or so to write the first draft.

Yeah, that was bullshit.

My problem was that I didn't set deadlines and stick to them. When I write for my writing group, I have a deadlines that six other people hold me to. With this, I was mostly on my own. Had I written only three pages a day, I would have written the theoretical 30 pages in the pilot within ten days.

Writing is like losing weight. You have to work at it every day. Working out ten minutes a day every day is far better for a weight loss plan, than cramming in one day a week of a 70 minute workout. Indeed, this blog is proof that I can stick to a deadline. I always try to make sure there's something new up here every weekday.

So my resolution for the new year is to be more disciplined about my screenwriting and TV writing. The binge and purge method I've used before has gotten results, but I feel I can be more productive still.


  1. Good luck! I always try to discipline myself and fail miserably ... and it just reminded me I completely forgot about having a new year resolution - if anyone asks. That should be it!

  2. Keep at it! You know the craft and it would be a shame to not have your work out there being made.

  3. You could always try my solution...get married, take care of two children, a tortoise so big he lives in a dog house, a cat, and a new puppy. I write from 1-3's what I HAVE to do to keep me balanced and sane.

    But seriously, sometimes when we are not DOING anything all of a sudden it pours out of us in one sitting. I call it 'filling myself up with input (tv, movies, books, life) before it flows out of me'. Don't be so hard on yourself, there is always tomorrow.

    Happy New Year, Susette