Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Talkback - The worst of the year

I'm tired of debating the best movies of the year. Tell me, what films do you consider contenders for the Worst of the Year?

I think I actually did a pretty good job of avoiding the most universally derided movies of this year. Valentine's Day and MacGruber were probably the worst of what I saw, but there was a LOT I strictly avoided. If I saw everything that came out, those two probably wouldn't have even been in the bottom ten percent.

Bonus category - best bad films to Netflix and watch while drinking. Annnnnnd go! I need to fill up my queue.


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  2. M Night's THE LAST AIRBENDER. Dull, boring and pointless 3-D. Hard to believe THE SIXTH SENSE was almost 12 years ago.

  3. The Expendables.

    I can't believe my friend talked me into going and I can't believe I sat through the whole thing.

  4. I didn't see MacGruber, Valentine's Day or The Last Airbender so I can only imagine how bad those films were. But of the ones I saw, the one I liked the least was Black Swan. I don't understand what everyone is raving about. 88% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, multiple Golden Globe nominations -- did people actually go see this film? It's filled with cheap horror film cliches, trite dialogue and a one-note performance by Ms. Portman, whom I usually love but not in this overrated drivel. We figured out the plot by watching the trailer so it was anything but suspenseful. And who ever thought that shooting with a handheld camera on 16mm film was a good idea? It looked terrible! Keep the camera still for godssakes. Did Ms. Portman study ballet for a full year just so we could watch close-ups of her angst ridden face for 2 hours? Puh-lease. Epic fail.

  5. without a doubt
    alice in wonderland. it is the most boring and tedious movie that is the compilation of all the terrible things that hollywood's so good at. I think alice is objectively bad - hot tub time machine and all that may still make somebody laugh, but alice moves no one and never bothered to.

    here's my checklist of cliches that they jammed into a movie that didn't need any:
    - pseudo-liberated feminism
    - wacky people with accents
    - using "prophecy" as a cheap device to force the plot along (thank you Matrix)
    - Johnny Depp playing "Johnny Depp"
    - swashbuckling
    - breakdancing

    breakdancing really was the last straw. halfway through the movie I realized how I never really liked Tim Burton aside from Big Fish and Ed Wood. But that was for another conversation. I'm not trying to be cute, but watching the movie felt like going to a Dave Matthews concert - it was all the motion of something happening, without having anything of significance actually happen.

  6. I didn't see anything in the theater that I thought was absolutely dreadful. I saw a few things that disappointed me, but nothing that filled me with the same kind of rage I felt over Crystal Skull.

    I did see GI Joe: Rise of Cobra on Netflix instant viewing and it was downright unwatchable.

    Also on Netflix, Cop Out was really really bad. Like really bad. And I couldn't finish Legion.

  7. G-Force on Netflix. Yes, alcohol was involved but even Zach Galifinakis couldn't drag us through more than the first 20 minutes.

  8. I tend to avoid movies I know I won't enjoy, so the list is very small.

    I had high expectations for Alice in Wonderland and that was very poorly done.

    I also did not find The Other Guys or Grown Ups to be entirely funny. They had their moments, but not enough for me to consider them decent comedies.

  9. I'm curious for those using Netflix: Would you have been more likely to finish those movies had you rented the DVDs rather than streamed them?

    I know I'm far, far more likely to bail when streaming.

    I didn't think MacGruber was THAT bad (three out of five stars). A lot of it's a matter of managing expectations. "Classic MacGruber!"

    Just rented Knight and Day. Awful; one of the worst I've seen this year, but I avoided everything else mentioned above. Winter's Bone sucked. The worst movie I saw was The Oxford Murders.

  10. I concur with those who say that Alice in Wonderland was a disappointment. I don't know if I could put it on a "10 Worst" list, but it certainly didn't blow me away.

    I'll admit to laughing hard twice at MacGruber, but I found much of the rest of it rather uncompelling. At best it's a two star film. There was a lot of comedic talent attached to this film, but for some reason it just didn't connect for me.

    Emily, I agree that this year's worst offerings weren't as bad as last year's. And you had to go and bring up G.I. Joe, a film that inspired me to write one of my more unprofessional rants last year.

    I'm not sure even morbid curiosity could make me check out Legion. I DID see Cop Out, and just realized I'd completely blocked it out. I laughed a few times, but mostly lost interest by half-way in. It probably is on a par with MacGruber.

    Youth In Revolt was a let-down too, but I'm not sure how much of that is me going in with expectations of a particular kind of film based on the preview. It seemed like it took forever to get to the alter ego aspect of the story when that was front and center in all the previews.

  11. Hey Bitter

    Thanks for the tips, inspiration and entertainment throughout the year.

    For Netflix - horribly bad movie - Mega Piranha. I thought it was Piranha 3D released in Australia with a different name. OMG I had to drink so fast and hard. It has so many laugh out loud this is such a bad movie moments. Please see it.

  12. Bitter - It was a stupid fucking movie, but what about when MacGruber was pleading with Deiter, saying he didn't write the manifesto -- somebody was setting him up. "You hafta believe me!" Classic MacGruber. Even behind all that make-up in that fat suit, Kilmer's expression was priceless.