Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: Favorite romantic movie

It's Valentine's Day and that means only one thing... the release of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

No, wait... that's not right.  Well, I mean it's right.  The issue comes out today and Kate Upton's on the cover and all.  (Fun fact, I just learned today that Kathy Ireland was the cover girl the year that Kate Upton was born.  As I have very strong memories of when that issue came out, I can't possibly look at Upton's cover in the same way and not feel like I'm putting myself at risk for jail time.)

Where was I?  Oh, Valentine's Day.  All you guys who forgot actually get a bit of a break, as you can claim that since the 14th is in the middle of the week, you might as well put off celebrating until Saturday.  Most struggling writers are, well, struggling, so that means you might find yourself pulling off a thrifty celebration.  Perhaps a homemade dinner, a thoughtful gift and a romantic movie.

So what's everyone's favorite romantic movie?  I'm sure I'll get a bunch of responses that say The Notebook, so let's see if we can get some more unexpected and creative ideas.


  1. Being single, fat, and having NEVER had a Valentine, ever, I waver. Sometimes I adore love movies, other times I despise them with a passion because they leave me so depressed.

    That being said, even though at times it makes me cry because I become convinced I'll never find anyone who loves me, I have to say "Love, Actually."

    Why? Because it has Alan Rickman and Alan Rickman is pure sex appeal. That voice, those hands, that lovely big nose....

    What? I like big noses and I cannot lie. Forget Christian and give me Cyrano!

  2. Not just favourite romantic movie but favourite movie full stop... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  3. LA Story. Wonderful mixture of the unromantic and the romantic. And Truly Madly Deeply.

  4. romcoms > romantic movies

    1) Bridget jones' diary - absolutely nailed many single women's mannerisms and longings without making them vapid clichés

    2) Look Who’s Talking – again, funny, relevant and more believable than let’s say Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Switch/Baster’

    3) Pretty Woman – you think it’s too simple and mainstream to be good? Big mistake! Huge!

    4) Dirty Dancing/Ghost – great use of music, beats Celine Dion’s Titanic theme

  5. It's not my favorite romantic movie, but we saw HEATHERS on our first date. A sign we were meant to be together.

  6. Groundhog Day, Princess Bride, & The Philadelphia Story.

  7. 'UP' did romance better in the first fifteen minutes than I've ever seen in an animated movie.

  8. Roman Holiday. Which I know doesn't end all that happily but the good moments are some of my favorites.

  9. @Shauna - Heck, Up did a better romance in 15 minutes then Twilight did over three books!

  10. Sabrina ('54)
    True Romance

    I think the sweetest couple in any film I've seen is the two young ones in Sympathy for Mr Vengeance.

    From the ones you guys already mentioned I like Love, Actually and The Princess Bride.

  11. I am surprised no one mentioned Lars and The Real Girl ;)

  12. Am I one of the very few who meh-ed at The Notebook?
    Ryan Gosling is a very good actor but he does not induce the quiver.

    A Room With a View

  13. Someone told me that 'Love Actually' is a good movie and that Richard Curtis is a genius.

  14. If I had to really narrow down the list...

    1)A Knight's Tale (though I don't know if that fully qualifies as a romantic movie)

    2)Any Adam Sandler Romantic Comedy (I know, I know..)

    3)Moulin Rouge

    4)Chasing Amy (to me, it actually protrayed how romance really is, sometimes)

    5)Most disney movies

  15. Purple Rose of Cairo...up until the very end anyway.

  16. @Monique - I meh the Notebook.

    p.s. If I could have one superpower, I'd have Ryan Gosling.

  17. Here's one... and looks like probably the only TRUE story...

    "Walk The Line". I usually LOATHE the biopic genre, but I was enamored with both Phoenix and Witherspoon's chemistry, their love shining through the struggles, etc, but also was moved to tears when he proposed to to her onstage. It was a great romantic moment, because I felt the emotions.