Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Talkback: Oscar Fever

I'm hearing a fair amount of talk in the Hollywood bubble about how people just aren't enthusiastic at all about this year's Oscars.  There's a fear that this will translate to lower ratings.  The theory is that if "insiders" are apathetic about the Oscar nominees this year, the "average Joes" must be even less invested.

So I'll put it to you - how much DO you care about the Oscars this year?  Is anyone having Oscar parties?

And what's everyone think about having Billy Crystal back this year?  Are you eager to see what he does, or is his routine too familiar after so many visits?  Heck, does the host make that much of a difference for you as a viewer?

So sound off.  I'd love to hear where everyone stands.


  1. As someone who's been much more into TV than movies over the last couple years, I can honestly say I am actually invested in the Oscars this time around. A lot of the movies nominated this year were genuinely entertaining, rather than the obnoxious flux of people sitting around in bad lighting, smoking pot and quoting Kerouac, thinking that makes a well done movie. (Yes, I have issues with a lot of independent films). So yeah, I'm interested in this year's Oscars.

    And the host makes a big difference. Even the familiarity of Billy Crystal doesn't matter to me. If anything, I'm hoping there are some jokes referencing past great movies instead of a succession of all too obvious insider only jokes.

  2. Honestly I've never been big on the Oscars but this year's nominations are especially uninteresting and middlebrow, with the notable exception of THE TREE OF LIFE. I did like MONEYBALL well enough, but I really don't care who or what wins this year. The most interesting movies were mostly shut out, like TAKE SHELTER, DRIVE and THE SKIN I LIVE IN.

  3. I don't care much at all. Most of that is because I don't like award shows in general. So even if the Oscars didn't make questionable decisions I wouldn't be inclined to watch. But this year I just don't care about the movies.

    The only person that tends to host award shows that would get me to consider watching the Oscars is Neil Patrick Harris. It would also be nice to see more women host.

  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again - haven't cared about the Oscars because they haven't made a single good choice since Silence Of The Lambs won. That was the year they jumped the shark.

    The whole thing is boring and pointless.

  5. I'm not excited, and I'm ALWAYS excited. It doesn't help matters that there are only two best song nominees and neither will be performed live--that's my favorite part of the show! Also, I'm just kind of awards-showed-out. After the Golden Globes, then the SAG awards, I feel like I've been-there-done-that, you know? Meh.

  6. the broadcast will be most likely there in the background, but I would only fully tuned in if I was given a compelling reason via twitter

    most people I know are too busy to do those irrelevant parties ESPECIALLY that they do not have a favorite movie they could root for...

    Ahh I remember the times when I would feverishly argue over the Oscar-worthiness of Moulin Rogue (including a recreation of Kylie Minogue’s role as a fairy by yours truly )

  7. Meh. The Oscars have never determined my enjoyment of a movie. Others' opinions, whether those of individuals or some "academy", are just that - opinions. I do not feel validated when theirs correspond with mine, nor do I feel disrespected if they don't.

  8. I usually love the Oscars. They don't determine what I'll watch, but I've usually got a couple of favourites in each category, so it's interesting to watch who gets picked.
    The only thing that pissed me off last year was True Grit - 10 nominations, 0 wins.
    This year there are so many films that don't even deserve a mention, and 13 of the best films either missed a major category or were completely overlooked.
    We had the Lady Oscar, the Black Oscars, this is the Old White Men Feel Good About Themselves Oscars.