Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Free-For-All: Spielberg watches the 1976 Oscar nominations

A friend of mine sent me this clip this week.  Supposedly, he thinks that Spielberg's mannerisms remind him of me.  I don't know if I totally see it, but I'll take it.

My parents totally used to have a chair just like the ones Steven is sitting in.

Rather interesting to see how confidant he must have been in order to invite the TV crews there.  I also have to salute his blunt candor.  If you've already shown the hubris of letting the crew film it, you might as well go all the way.  Today, I imagine most people would be more political in their reaction.  This might come as a shock, but I like people unafraid to tell it how it is.


  1. That was an awesome little piece of cinema history. Thanks for sharing. Yes, absolutely have to applaud his candor. Commercial backlash indeed. It's the reason HURT LOCKER beat AVATAR for best picture.

  2. The best part was finding out that the great character actor Joe Spinell, who personified 70s sleaze, was part of SS's entourage.