Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stalking Kevin Smith: Getting celebrities to make a cameo appearance in your film

Part 1

When you're making a short film, one tactic you can use to get people interested in watching it is by having a celebrity or two appear in your film.  Even a small cameo can be useful in getting some buzz generated, as that star's fanbase will follow them.

When it comes to Star Wars fandom, there are few more famous superfans than Kevin Smith.  In this part of our interview with Hughes the Force director J.C. Reifenberg, J.C. discusses the... we'll call them... "determined" tactics he used to get Smith to do his movie.

The film also features cameos from Star Wars: The Clone Wars voice actors James Arnold Taylor and Catherine Taber, appearing as their characters of Obi-Wan and Padme for the first time in live action.

Part III - How long should a short film be?
Part IV - "The best thing I could have done for my career from a networking perspective."


  1. I tried so hard to catch your reflection -or whoever moving the puppet- on the poster frame, but I couldn't. You must have taken extra care choosing the angle.

    I'm just loving this videos, please, don't stop making them. The puppet feels so ... serious and real. Fantastic job.

    "not yet" Got me laughing out loud.

    The interview is inspiring. There are many ways to break in or even sneak in to hollywood. You have to keep looking. And positive thinking all the way.

    Thanks for making this and sharing it.

  2. I think the most interesting part of that interview was the last little bit that slipped out.

    Congrats to J.C. on the determination to get this made and to get Kevin Smith, but as someone who struggles EVERY DAY to get things done and made in a way that will at least pay people SOMETHING, I think it is disgusting Kevin had not only J.C. but his friends and his equipment working for Months without any kinda of compensation.

    Everything Kevin touches he finds a way to squeeze a revenue stream out of, so whatever J.C. and the gang were doing for him, I'd be willing to bet Kevin found away to make a profit off it.

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  3. Sorry I meant to say...

    I think the most interesting part of that interview was the last little bit that slipped out. -- AT THE END.

  4. Nice persistence!

    And he never breaks eye contact with the puppet.