Wednesday, July 11, 2012

12-Step Screenwriting: Week 6 - Third Act Turning Point

It's time for another episode of the Bitter Script Reader YouTube series!

This is the sixth chapter of a 12-part series designed to guide and motivate a writer to complete a screenplay within three months.  Recognizing that I had an opportunity to reach a new audience via YouTube, I decided to start with the basics.

This week's video deals with writing the climax of the second point, also know as the "All is Lost" moment.

As you can see, this is back-to-basics information, but hopefully some of you will take up the challenge of completing a screenplay alongside the weekly lessons in this series.  I've done my best to minimize the jargon here.  So while at some point we'll be talking things like Act Breaks and Climaxes, but I won't ask you to commit things like "Fun & Games" to memory.

As always, it really helps me out to see some engagement with these videos, so please click through to the YouTube page, subscribe and leave a few comments there.  Feel free to embed these on your blogs, and if you find the tips useful, tweet about them or put the videos on your Facebook page.

Help me out here guys.  What are you finding useful about these videos?  What else would you like to see from future series?


  1. So the Code let's the viewer see what was the result of the story, the plot points etc. What changed? Why we can't go back to the beginning and it ties up all loose ends. Nothing should be left unresolved unless that is the intent, such as at the end of "Prisoners". Correct?