Friday, July 13, 2012

Future Filmmaker Friday: Violet

This week I'm showcasing another entry from Campus MovieFest, a drama called "Violet."  It was created by Then There Was Lumière Productions at New York University.

Drama is incredibly hard to do as a short film, and believe me, I've seen many a filmmaker try and fail.  It's hard to deal with weighty themes in a short film, and even hard to deal with certain subjects without dipping into overwrought melodrama.  Because of this, I'm very impressed with filmmaker Eliza McNitt and her lead actress Amanda Yarosh is excellent as well.

And remember, they only had a WEEK to shoot and edit this!  This was a nominee for Best Picture and deservedly won Best Drama and Best Cinematography at Campus Movie Fest Hollywood last month.


  1. Very good! I wish it would have ended on "I hate purple." In my opinion, the mother's last line was unnecessary and it would have been better to let the audience put two and two together. Other than that it was great. Nice production values as well with that gorgeous house and car.

  2. Thanks BSR for pointing to this gem.

    I am actually doing a course on short film (foundations of screen writing) right now and this is definitely a nice illustration of how it supposed to be done.

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  4. "Violet" is not the first collaboration between Eliza and Amanda.

    Their previous short film, "My Ketchup Smiles," deals with the impact of Autism on family relationships. MKS was also nominated for Best Picture and won Best Drama and Best Actress at the 2011 Campus Movie Fest.

    It can be viewed at Eliza's web site: