Friday, June 21, 2013

Future Filmmaker Friday - Campus MovieFest's "Under Euclid's Watch"

This weekend brings Campus MovieFest back to Hollywood.  You might remember my posts about this program last year.  Campus MovieFest is an organization that travels from college to college providing participating students with Apple laptops and Panasonic HD camcorders. Each group has one week to create their own short film. At the conclusion of this, a red carpet finale is held to select the best films from each school, which then advance on to the finals at a gala event held in Hollywood.

I put out a call on Twitter for submissions from Campus MovieFest filmmakers and the team Red Tape Films from Indiana University responded with a link to their entry, "Under Euclid's Watch."  The film is a nominee in the Finals, in the Best Director catagory.

Good luck this weekend to the film's cast and crew:
Brendan Elmore - Captain, Writer, Director
Taylor Robinson - Producer, Director of Photography
Chandler Swan - Writer, Director
David Gordon-Johnson - Actor
Nichole Eberle - Actor
Jack Johnson - Actor
Troy Ehret - Actor, Production Assistant
Greg Goodin - Production Assistant
Sango Django Jeevan - Actor
Ryan Chase - Composer

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